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It all started because I jerk off too much.  Every night, I would retreat to the basement after my wife would go to bed.  She retired early every night and complain about being too tired to have sex.  I found relief cruising the internet pictures of women with big tits paired with big cocks.  I would read stories about gloryholes, and cuckolds.  Most guys would be interested in younger ... Continue reading >>
The second letter was screaming to be opened. I could hear it, I could see it jump around on the table like a spoilt child. Open me. Open me . Read me. Do me! Trust had taken over my very soul and I knew that I could not leave without finding out what was in the letter. But the finding out was the key to doing. One of the rules was, that if I opened it, I had to go through with it. In ... Continue reading >>
He didn't know exactly when it started. He didn't know why. It started as a curiosity. It turned into a liking. Two years ago... One day, he looked at her lower back. He was expecting it... any second now... She was wearing low-rise jeans. It was bound to happen. What was she hiding? He was about to find out. Jackpot! His penis twitched as he saw them. His head tilted. They were so ... Continue reading >>
This is part of a four part story that really needs to be read from the start in order to understand the plot. I hope you bear with me and enjoy what's to come.   The path to the cottage was overgrown, to the point where ducking to avoid the brambles that swung down from the branches of overhead trees was essential. I was caught more than once by the sharp barbs but with only the ... Continue reading >>
In my line of work, I help people. Most of them are regular every day people who get caught up in something and are looking to make it stop or a way out. Some are high profile politicians, business people, entertainers, and celebrities. One of my clients, however, is a professional dominatrix. Recently, I helped out her out of a situation with an unhappy wife who discovered her husband ... Continue reading >>
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