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This didn't start with the Super Bowl. Charlotte and I have been in each other's faces since we were hired together six years ago. It's just that this football season seems to have brought things to a head. We are both section heads for Pearson Consulting, and our names are almost the same- she is Charlotte and I am Charlene- but other than that we don't seem to have anything in common. ... Continue reading >>
Watching the young man hungrily licking and sucking her toes as she lay on the cool floor of the back room of the grocery store, Christy grinned to herself. It was turning out to be a great first week of her holiday. The boy - he must have been eighteen if he was a day, Christy guessed - was a master adept at lustily worshipping her bare feet. He was an absolute natural, she thought. Far ... Continue reading >>
Bianca could hardly believe that, already, a week of her Spanish holiday had passed. She gazed out to the pool through the large kitchen window and smiled to herself. It was going to be another hot one today, she thought. "Bianca?" her mother called from the dining room. "Yeah?" "Your father and I will be gone most of the day," she said. "Do you have plans for going out later or...?" ... Continue reading >>
He couldn't keep his eyes on the road, or his mind on his sales pitch. The sexy blonde was driving barefoot, and all Gavin could think about was how sensational those beautiful, wrinkled feet would feel as they stroked his stiff cock. "Wow, it handles like a dream," the girl said, smiling. The bright sun reflected back from the polished chrome of the gas pedal, the dazzling light gleaming ... Continue reading >>
The young girl was stunningly beautiful. She had breezed on into the room right at the point where my attention span was at its dimmest, igniting it again with her very presence. "Dad?" she said, addressing the man in whose house I was now sitting, and also my employer of four months. "Karyn, I'm working," he said, barely looking up from the tablet computer in his hands. I certainly ... Continue reading >>
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