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I used to live with a submissive girlfriend who was the most forgetful little thing. She was always getting herself into trouble by failing to complete her chores and tasks around the house. As such, she was frequently punished. I was upset one Friday to return home from work to find our trash bin and recycling tote still full and sitting in the garage. Our trash was normally picked up ... Continue reading >>
I was sitting on the sofa in our apartment with my wife and a friend of mine. I was in the middle, and we were playing an interactive TV game, so we all had to be able to see the TV, which is why we were crowded on the sofa. We were having some drinks, too, sitting in front of us on a coffee table which ran the length of the couch. Getting comfortable and wanting her body to point toward ... Continue reading >>
We were invited to my new boss's house. We had just moved and I had just started with the company so it was an important first meeting. He was of course very rich and had a few children, a boy about sixteen or seventeen, a girl eight or ten years old and a toddler. Well this particular incident occurred without anyone knowing except for Michelle my wife, and the perpetrator of the assault ... Continue reading >>
On Saturday we were driving home from the dinner theater. My wife Michelle was in the back with her mother, and I was in the front with her stepdad. He has made several comments about Michelle's little feet and toes; the color of her nail polish and the size of her feet (6) over the years. So we have suspected him as a foot lover even though my wife's mother doesn't take care of her feet at ... Continue reading >>
I was surprised when I walked into the dimly lit office the university had set up for our interviews, that he was already seated. I expected a small, sweaty guy with acne and greasy hair, but he was none of those things. He was no male model, but you would only suspect him to be your average adult male,┬ánot the foot fetish pervert I had lined up to interview. Let me explain, my name is ... Continue reading >>
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