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Claudia thought George was weird. Smelling and tasting each other is a normal part of making love, but George carried it too far. "Just what do you think you're going to find in there?" she said when he pressed his nose between her upper arm and rib cage. "Another part of you," he answered sincerely. She resisted, worried that the smell or the stubble or whatever would be disappointing ... Continue reading >>
I drove through the gate and up a long driveway to the enormous old mansion. I had never been to Rachel's house before, but I always noticed it from the street, since it was the biggest house in town. Rachel had been friends with my girlfriend, Karen, since junior high, but they usually ran in different circles. Rachel was a petite, gorgeous blonde with dark eyes and a tight little body. I'd ... Continue reading >>
This is Tofu. She has brown hair. She has two green eyes. She has a pink tongue. Tofu is my pet. She is not a cat. She is not a dog. What kind of pet is Tofu? She has short hair on her head. She has a very fuzzy cunt. The rest of Tofu is bald. She is twenty-six years old. She has breasts that fit in my hands. She has a soft belly. Tofu is my pet girl! I love Tofu very much.   Tofu is ... Continue reading >>
It was now after homecoming for Tommy James and he started to wonder... Isn't it a bit ironic currently, that more and more males are on a sexually perverted rampage?  Tommy James, not an angel by any means, but maybe something opened his eyes? Or someone? That someone being Ariadne. Tommy began thinking about her more after homecoming. She had a boyfriend. She worked with him. She gave him ... Continue reading >>
I started a new job in finance after leaving my previous job due to ridiculous working hours and a boss who was an actual bitch. This new job promised good working hours and ridiculous development, due to their exponential growth.  From the very first day, I liked my new boss she was very kind and sweet. However, things changed after the first few weeks. It all started when they piled on ... Continue reading >>
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