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Reann Reann was in her thirties when she realized she had a very odd fetish. She discovered it literally by accident surfing porn sites. She came across a video that just entranced her into watching what was happening to the girl in the scene. Without even realizing it, she had her hand on her pussy, rubbing it. Before long, she had two fingers buried deep inside herself, quickly ... Continue reading >>
It was the night of Homecoming. Tommy James got the weekend off from his place of employment, as did his date. He was kind of nervous about what would happen at the dance. Should he play it cool with her? Ari did tell him and show him some things that were interesting, to say the least. He looked at himself in the mirror, brushed his hair and scruffy face. He looked at himself, wearing a ... Continue reading >>
I'm on a bus. A freaking school bus. The fact that it's a college school bus does not change anything. Just because it's not painted yellow doesn't mean that it's still not the same old crappy bench seats from when you and I were in elementary school. Okay, so it is filled with college cheerleaders, but other than that...I'm on a bus. I'm on a bus on a two and a half hour ride to our away ... Continue reading >>
Why am I doing this here? ┬áThis thought flashes through her mind. It's the first time, actually, that she ever thinks why? " At the same time, she also wonders why she hasn't asked herself this question yet. Usually, she doesn't get involved with anyone that easily, let alone subordinate herself to others. No, she is not herself; this is not the woman she knows. Or is it? Confident is ... Continue reading >>
His last thrusts. He fucks me from above with all he's got. I lie defenceless on my back and feel completely filled. I love that feeling - and yet I cannot come. I like him, his cock is great, but an orgasm is still impossible. My missing climax seems to disappoint him. He struggles, puts everything in, wants to impress me. Fucks me more and more, thrusting hard inside me, almost like ... Continue reading >>
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