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Fireworks whistled and popped high in the air, filling the sky with explosions of color, as the ground filled with smoke. Laughter, music and of course plenty of drinks, kept the night going strong. I celebrated the Fourth of July with my main group of friends, relaxing and partying on one of my favorite days of the year. I arrived at the party with Kyle, with whom I'd been hooking up off and ... Continue reading >>
"Sarah, you wouldn't be cold if you had helped paddle," I said as we lugged the canoe onto the shore. Sarah's new girlfriend Kim had taken the bow seat at the start of the trip, while Sarah just lounged in the middle. Up the hill, the cabin was postcard-perfect in the fading October light-framed by pines and evergreens, windows glowing with warm light. Seeing smoke trickling from the ... Continue reading >>
It was Toni's turn to act as a lifeguard for the afternoon's session in the Recovery Unit's pool. The Recovery Unit was part of a private medical facility, and patients only got in there if they had money, and plenty of it.  All the patients were well on the way to recovery, and this unit was their last stop before going back home, so there was almost no stress or trauma such as would be ... Continue reading >>
After the popularity of my Sex Education class held in the gym, I decided to utilise the same place for that night's fun with the boys. I talked it over with the Headmaster, James, during our meal that evening. "The boys know that you and Lyn are here," James told me, "so there is some speculation over which dormitory will be enjoying you tonight." "I take it that none of them feels I am ... Continue reading >>
Chapter 1 It was just before the start of the new semester.  Lucy and Olivia were Masters students and had gone back a little early, after successfully acquiring an apartment not far from university. They really needed a third person to spread the cost, but It was such a nice pad they figured that they were bound to get someone to share.  The two friends were enjoying a drink and a muffin ... Continue reading >>
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