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We'd gone dogging for the first time last week. That is, we'd found a remote parking area with several cars. In one of the cars, a couple was fooling around sexually. We and a couple of other people had watched, with their invitation. Then my wife and two guys had joined in. While the two guys had sex with the female from the car, my wife had stroked and sucked the cock of the male. The ... Continue reading >>
My name is Bonnie. I am married to a wonderful man named Ray and we have a wonderful relationship. Our sexual relationship climbed to a new peak when we got involved in the lifestyle, better known as swinging. My husband loves to watch me turning on my charms with other men which is a large part of why we swing.  My husband took me to a nudist camp last summer. The camp was nestled in ... Continue reading >>
Friday night We were woken by the trill of the house phone. Melanie grabbed it, scanning the display as she did so, and greeted the caller with, "Hi, Suze." "Yes, they're here." "Yes, we have had a great time over the last twenty-four hours." "Uh-huh, it was just as good as I remembered and I was not exaggerating." "Well, I don't know, but Nick is looking pretty pleased with himself, ... Continue reading >>
Looking around the room the group was not sure what was going to happen tonight. They had been told by Catherine that tonight was all about fulfilling Lucy's fantasy and so whilst all could get involved in playing with one another only Lucy was to have penetrative sex with the guys. Even though it was not her fantasy Alice was looking forward to tonight. She was keen to see how this ... Continue reading >>
"Congrats on the finals! Wanna use me for stress relief tonight?" I was so glad to read this message. The finals were really hard and I needed the stress relief indeed. So when Karen, my sexy FWB texted me, I knew we'll have a steamy hot night. So I answered right away:  "You don't know how hard I am for you. Be at my place at 7 PM and we can try some new things"  The answer came in only ... Continue reading >>
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