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I was on the dance floor when they spotted me and started making their way to me. When they got to me one of the men leaned down to my ear, "Miss, we'd like to invite you to the VIP room." I looked at him in surprise. "Me?" "Yes ma'am. Would you like to come?" I looked at him and the other three men who were with him and smiled. "Hell yes, I'd love to." I was happy. This was my lucky ... Continue reading >>
Saturday - morning and afternoon I was awoken on Saturday morning by my wife's soft sighs and her warm, sweet breath wafting across my face. I opened my eyes to see her beautiful face only inches from my own. Her eyes were closed, but she was not asleep. She was lying on her side, almost turned over to her face, but one leg was drawn up to her waist and one arm pushing down on the pillow ... Continue reading >>
The twenty-third of June, the day before Saint John's Day: Midsummer's Eve. I was in Cornwall for an old friend's housewarming. It was only midday and the party wasn't due to begin until eight that evening. I had time to kill. I decided to go to the beach and take a look at the ocean. Just by the way they walked together, man and woman hand in hand, I knew fate had dealt them the best ... Continue reading >>
I was tired of the big city; I was tired of the little boys who called themselves men. It was time for a definite change, so I packed my car and headed south to country living. I always lived in the city, and it was frustrating and stressful. I wanted nothing more than to breathe, relax and be myself.   I kept driving until the big city lights were far behind me. After several hours of ... Continue reading >>
I was so glad to see my wife.  She and I smiled as she approached and we shared a loving kiss.  I felt the ache of missing her.  I almost always do when we're apart and, even though these were unusual circumstances, that ache was still present.    She noticed how hard I was and said, "My, my. What have we here?"  Her hand encircled me and she began to pump me slowly while looking into my ... Continue reading >>
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