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It had been Jaq's fantasy for a while to be watched while fucking. Around ten years ago that fantasy became a reality. Jaq came downstairs one evening dressed in a sexy red dress, stockings, high heels and not much else. Jaq announced that she wanted to go for a drive so that we could take some dirty photographs. When Jaq directed me to a local beauty spot well known for dogging, I knew ... Continue reading >>
I stood outside the building near the curb as the silver Audi pulled up. I opened the door and squeezed into the confines of the little TT coupe, hearing Carol giggle as I struggled into my seat.  "Buckle up, Big Guy," she warned as she sped away. "Did you enjoy your dinner with Ms. Reebeck on Friday night?" "Very much," I laughed. "That's quite the condo she has." "Yes, it's a ... Continue reading >>
Natasha hadn't been with John in a very long time. They'd chatted online, and exchanged emails, but anything physical had been absent since their split. John hadn't fucked her in months and she really fuckin' missed it. Bad. Even the two men Natasha used for part-time 'cocks on the side' didn't help. She tried to use them to feed the flame of burning need for sex and sin John had ignited, ... Continue reading >>
Paul's steel-hard cock was as deep in my throat as any had been before. He stood before me with one hand at the back of my head and the other on my shoulder, both coaxing his cock deeper with each face-fucking thrust. I was simultaneously trying to keep pace, breathe and focus on the task at hand (and mouth). Robbie was seated next to me on the patio lounge chair, furiously sucking and ... Continue reading >>
Dave's wife, Sue was going to be out of town for the weekend, so he invited several of his buddies over for poker night. They had played for about two hours and downed half of a keg of beer when Dave mentioned that instead of smoking cigars after the game, he had an alternative activity. Everyone was curious and when he told them the plan, they all agreed that it sounded fantastic. ... Continue reading >>
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