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The whoop of the hyena woke us all. The full moon cast an eerie glow on the African bush. The surrounding tall knob thorn and leadwood trees silently witnessed the hyena uttering another deep-throated whoop, calling the clan. The fire embers glowed faintly three meters from my sleeping position. I grabbed my camera and scrambled to the fire as the hyena made an appearance. The sloping ... Continue reading >>
This girl, of course, doesn't have the slightest wish to get away. In my mind I'm shaking my head and smiling again, thinking about all the hundreds of thousands of dumb guys who at this very moment, all over this city, are drinking up courage in order to talk to some girl in some bar, in order to maybe possibly get laid later in the evening. Don't they know there are insatiable women like ... Continue reading >>
Danny and Patty Swanson, newlyweds of six months, were both sexually frustrated, and in an attempt to fix the problem, had secured a weekend reservation at a secluded beach getaway house. They were to be met there by Doctor Andrea Andrews, a respected sex therapist and author. Unbeknown to them, the house was occupied by an interloper named Amy Lindsay. When they arrived, they realized ... Continue reading >>
My name is Brianna. My friends call me Bri for short. Pronounced Bree. I'm a 5'8" redhead, twenty-six years old. I'm bi - well, sort of. Throughout most of my teen years, I had always been interested only in guys. Until my freshman year in college. This ravishing brunette named Tina was in several of my college classes that first day in college. Her hair was nearly jet black, and through ... Continue reading >>
The heat of the African sun beat down on my naked body like an open furnace. The krit-trrrrrrrr of the woodland kingfisher cut through the hot morning air, declaring its territory, close to water. My body absorbed the sensations of the African bush as a soft breeze blew in my direction, cooling my hot pussy. I became one with nature as the naked soles of my feet sought the next safe spot ... Continue reading >>
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