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It was two years past after I'd joined my agency. I had not yet attained financial security, so I was living with two of my colleagues. One of them was a girl from Japan. She used to anchor events and parties arranged by Japanese businessmen and I used to accompany her. I was not really impressed by Japanese guys back then and thus was not much interested in looking at men in the events, ... Continue reading >>
It was my great good fortune a few short years ago to spend some time in Guyana, and I became a member of a small church in the capital, Georgetown. It was there that I met Mollie, with whom I shared a pew whenever she was there, and I have already written about her in a story called Gentle Persuasion. We got together only once, just before I left the country. But Mollie wasn't the ... Continue reading >>
I was running. I jog every morning. I inherited the "sturdy peasant build" of my Germanic ancestors, and it is only with continued discipline I keep my tone and figure. 48G-40-46 are on the opulent end of curvy, but the tendency to get chubby is one that I have fought since adolescence with relentless cardio, dance, martial arts and swimming. I usually run with my iPhone piping ... Continue reading >>
Chapter 1 I own my own practice as an Orthodontist. If there is one group the MD's look up to in awe or jealousy as having a licence to print money, it would be dentists, and above the dentists stand we Orthodontists. I stand on my four-inch heels resting upon paid-off student loans for degrees pulled off in standard time because I put myself through school working as a ... Continue reading >>
Miriam was Nigerian but had lived in London since she was eighteen. Now she was around fifty and a secondary school teacher. She had a son but had never married, and what made that remarkable was that she was deeply religious, to the point of having had grave reservations about having sex with me because we weren't married. We had met online through a dating site that was very proud of ... Continue reading >>
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