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For the first time in many months, Giselle felt happy and fulfilled. She sat back and gazed at her black lover's penis, soft and wilting after she had sucked every drop of semen out of it. She thought back over the events of the last few weeks; how miserable she had been because of her husband's sexual inadequacy, and how her friend Becca had suggested she take an African lover. Then how ... Continue reading >>
My cucky hubby and I - he was already 'unable' due to his testicle operation - had been on a combined business and holiday excursion in Lisbon (Portugal). We stayed at our beloved Sheraton hotel downtown. In the evening at the bar, we met two guys from England who came in with their sailing yacht after a stormy crossing through the Bay of Biscay. My husband, as a former navy officer ... Continue reading >>
A few months later, I was finishing up remodeling her home office. In order to move the big file cabinet, I had to take out the drawers. In the bottom drawer were several of Pam's video and audio tapes, some old photos, and several old love letters. I couldn't help but read the letters and since Pam would be furious to know that I read her personal stuff, I never told her I had found them. ... Continue reading >>
At the age of seventeen, I often worked as a house or babysitter. My favorite couple to babysit for was the Johnson family. They had recently emigrated from Liverpool, England and were often in need of a sitter for a date night. The Johnson's were a beautiful and caring interracial couple. Emily Johnson was thirty-five years old. Her hair was a lustrous fiery red. It flowed in waves to ... Continue reading >>
Down the street from the Najjars, John Matthews awkwardly made his way home. His erection made it hard to walk any faster and even walking was hard to do properly. His penis leaked precum as he pictured his wife Tiffany in the arms of a big black man, just the way he had just seen Jamilah. Across the road, ahead of John, a stunningly beautiful woman in her early twenties jogged down ... Continue reading >>
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