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The early morning sun and the chirping of robins woke me up early in the morning. I usually wake up horny, but today was exceptional. I played with my smooth, wet pussy in bed and then in the shower. Neither satiated me. Looking at my calendar, I was excited to see that I had a spa appointment booked for the afternoon. My masseuse Matthew was handsome, young and very fit. I had always ... Continue reading >>
A knock on the office door.  Andi is surprised to hear it. It's after eleven and this was Kate's long day teaching yoga; Andi assumed she would be sound asleep by now. She lets Kate know she can come in and then goes back to typing her exposé on collusion in the city mayoral race. After a moment of silence, Andi looks up from her laptop screen and sees a long leg provocatively extended ... Continue reading >>
We were at Young Life camp when the youth pastor caught us.  Mindy and I had been flirting for weeks.  We were the ones who snuck off to the woods to smoke when the others were off doing their little brainwash activities.  She was really developed.  Every chance she got she was leaning into me, brushing her tits against me.  Finally on one of our excursions, having lit our Camels, I got up ... Continue reading >>
Her full body weight pressed down on me, pushing me into the bed. I could hardly breathe, hardly think; my mind awash with all kinds of thoughts. I'm not complaining. Tonight couldn't have turned out any better if I had planned it. She's not been gentle with me since she pushed me through the front door. She practically forced me up the stairs and stripped me completely in a few frantic tugs ... Continue reading >>
Becca had a long, hot shower when she got home from Dimitri's apartment. She felt it necessary to clean her body of that experience before she could set her mind to what his notebook meant. She felt conflicted about it, admitting that there were moments that she enjoyed despite herself. Perhaps it was because Dimitri was so powerful and dangerous. But she knew that the price of being ... Continue reading >>
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