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It was colder than charity outside our chamber on the morn of Christmas tide. Ealdgyth refused to attend Mass, and when my Lord sent a messenger to order her to do so, she threw her shoes at him. 'Tell my faithless husband that he is in a state of mortal sin! He should not go to Mass. He's a bastard!' With that she threw her shoe at him. No other messenger came. I held my Mistress. ... Continue reading >>
Scarlett stared down at the shiny pink dildo that was strapped to her. She flicked it with her finger and made it bounce a little. As it swung around, she could feel the motion trying to move her hips in reply. She watched over May until her breathing slowed. When she was ready, she looked up to Scarlett's face for guidance. "Do you think she's ready again?" Scarlett observed May. At ... Continue reading >>
I knew Emm had finally finished her marathon session with Miss Sinn when, about the time the dawn hour broke, I received a text saying: 'She says my ass is the best tasting one ever. She tongues almost as well as me ... gotta go.' As she explained later that day (where did she get her energy from?) Angie and her had a lot in common, one of the things being that she worked for the ... Continue reading >>
'The King will name me as his heir,' Harold declared, when we, and others, had settled. 'It is inevitable, and the right thing. No one else has the support I do.' Edwin, the earl of Mercia looked at Harold: 'And so the arrangement of which we have spoken will happen?' 'I shall formally marry your sister, Edith, on St Stephen's day, two days hence,' Harold replied, resolutely not looking ... Continue reading >>
We travelled light. Earl Harold went on ahead with his swiftest steed and his housecarls. Ealdgyth, myself, and the ladies in waiting followed more sedately. The old Roman roads were such a blessing, and we arrived in Westminster two days before the Christ Mass. The Court was hushed with anxiety. The old King was a saintly man, so they said. He was pious, he gave much money to the Church, ... Continue reading >>
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