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February 21, 1996 Clang. The basketball impacted on the front of the rim and ricocheted away at an odd angle. "Damn it!" Tracy yelled out as someone passed the ball back to her. She dribbled several more times, raised the ball once more. clang . Another miss. Tracy couldn't shoot free throws. She had always been miserable at it-ever since she was a girl playing little league. ... Continue reading >>
Chapter 4 I want to catch everyone up. I had just watched my wife have sexual relations with her black minister on a movie camera I had installed in our home and I watched the whole scene.  The following is what my next move will be. My wife was supposed to go down to her friend Ellen's apartment who lived fifty miles away from our city. She was going to stay until I got back from LA. I had ... Continue reading >>
Before we reached Jennifer's bedroom, she stopped. "No, I've had a change of mind," she said, steering me in a different direction. "We're going to the Loo," She giggled ushering me into a small independent toilet, separate from the main bathroom. "Let's pretend we're back on the train," She exclaimed, placing her finger on her chin in thought. "On a long journey, I would have had ... Continue reading >>
Oh. Em. Gee. I have to tell you about this amazing girl I met a few weeks back. I'm so excited I have to share it with someone. Okay, once I calm down I'll make a start .   There's a pub near me that every Thursday night the back room gets taken over by women. I'm not telling you where as we try to keep it fairly quiet and I'm sure you've all got your own special places to go. Anyway, ... Continue reading >>
Relationships sometimes start with what I call the slow burn. Like the one I had with a girl from work. We'd known each other and liked each other for a long time but it wasn't until we were travelling together that anything happened. I'd never been sure if she was gay or what; I only knew she was single and never talked about anyone special in her life. She was Josephine Larkin and I'd ... Continue reading >>
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