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"Dinner was. unexpected." "You didn't like the stew." "I really liked the stew," I told him honestly, as we stood in the open doorway of my apartment. We lowered our voices so we wouldn't disturb the neighbors. "I'm glad you brought it. I'm still surprised we ran into each other today." He shook his dark, floppy hair out of his eyes. "I do run the store, so I'm in there all the time." ... Continue reading >>
A drop of sweat dripped over my temple and landed on my pillow while I swatted hopelessly at the darkness in front on my face. It felt like I was being robbed of my sanity by the persistent high-pitched hum of the mosquitos floating around my head. In my fitful state, I fantasised what Emily's shapely legs would feel like wrapped around me with my cock deep inside her. 'This is hopeless; ... Continue reading >>
I had had a few days off work, and now I was in an indifferent mood. I had gotten used to waking, feeling a pair of Pat's lips surrounding my cock. We didn't rush, we fucked regularly, slow and easy, taking our time.   Then yesterday, something unusual happened.   After breakfast, we were sitting on the deck having coffee. "What?" Pat asked when she caught me staring.   I don't know ... Continue reading >>
It was a girls' night out. Actually, it was a bachelorette party for one of the young teachers at the high school. It had been arranged by my wife, Carol, and my buddy's wife, Barb. His name is Frank. The group had gone out for dinner and drinks in nearby Three Rivers. And since the wives were gone, Frank and I decided to get together, the two of us, share a few brews, and watch some ... Continue reading >>
Following our time with Katie that morning, we all had to come back to some semblance of daily life.  I had some work I wanted to finish at the office that would help me get paid on a project so I took off.  I blew each of my girls a kiss on the way out.   Cee and Katie had been home any number of times when I wasn't around.  Even so, I sensed a different kind of energy between them as I ... Continue reading >>
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