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Last night I was so hot in bed, and horny. I always sleep naked whereas my wife is often cold and was in her PJ's. I was lying on my back, having kicked the duvet off of me, when she turned over and her hand flopped down right onto my tummy, by my lower abdomen, inches from my cock. it was about 3 am. I was in agony. I wriggled and breathed in and out deeply to edge her hand down. Soon the ... Continue reading >>
Present Day: "Dad. Dad, are you in there?" Silly question really because I know he is in the house somewhere. I work as a Family Physician in a local medical clinic and visit home a couple of times a week to check on my father who lives alone. This evening when I enter the house, it is dark, no lights, and the heating is set excessively low. I turn up the thermostat and switch on ... Continue reading >>
Me and my missus got a mid-week day away from work at the local spa, somewhere where we've been before and got unto some naughtiness. This time we had booked a Rasul treatment for the late afternoon, which we were both looking forward to. Before then we spent our time in the various bubble baths, hot tubs and so on. I spent a lot of this time subtly pressing against her mound, hidden by ... Continue reading >>
Cathy was thoughtful as she drank her morning coffee. Ken seemed to have changed, the sex they had last night was more passionate than she could remember in a long time. It could have been an accident, but at one point when she was riding him, his fingertip pushed slightly into her little-puckered hole. The thrill she had felt had almost given her an early orgasm. Another first was, as ... Continue reading >>
Sleep did not come easily last night. And how could it have?   From the minute I came home late yesterday afternoon, I had been distracted. Dwelling on my encounter with a hunk named Dan. Thinking about his captivating eyes. His strong jaw line, outlined with an immaculately trimmed beard. His perfectly smooth, dark skin. His magnificent, Olympian's physique. Everything about him brought on ... Continue reading >>
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