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I left it a couple of days before putting Rick out of his misery. I dropped a very short text saying: ' Coffee, Sat 11am ' and a location. I would explain exactly how this would play out and see if he was man enough for training or not. Saturday arrived, and I purposely arrived five minutes late and sure enough, Rick was sat in the window looking nervous and oh so young! I managed to get ... Continue reading >>
Martinique is a lovely island. You might think all Caribbean islands are lovely if you don't have much experience of them, but they're all different. It's real life with good weather. Martinique is green - it has lots of trees. And it's not a building site like some islands, which are great around the edges but grim further in. I was staying in a village in an area called Les Trois Ilets ... Continue reading >>
Some of you might remember my short cameo 'Damned if.' - about my other half's niece who came to stay. Cranky after a miserable car journey my 'Good ~ Lady' suggested that I 'looked after' her by giving her one of my 'Famous', well that's according to my Lady, massages.  Massage my foot!! I'm not sure who put who up to what but we/she ended up screwing the bejesus out of each other. Now ... Continue reading >>
I stood up from my desk, turned around, and looked out the window at my little corner of London. I still could hardly believe I was working here. I took a one-year temporary assignment at my firm's London office. I had been offered international assignments before, but always turned them down. When this one came along, it has been a couple of years since my wife died, and my adult kids ... Continue reading >>
I never would have guessed that my daughter was a lesbian.  Up until she was sixteen, she had regularly gone on dates with boys.  None of the relationships ever seemed to go anywhere, but as her father, I was fine with things not progressing to a certain point.  When she stopped dating, I assumed that she'd grown frustrated, and that eventually she would snap out of it. When she finally told ... Continue reading >>
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