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For a few months, Vera was my sex-friend in a short and intense relationship. Even now, three years later, I often think back to those days. When I have time and want good solo-sex, I get lube and let my mind wander back to the time when things got dirty in the bathtub. But let me start at the beginning. My ex of all people arranged our first night in bed. After the breakup, Lisa and I ... Continue reading >>
I know that you know what it's like to have wicked thoughts. The ones that run around in your head, constantly¬†popping into your conscious mind when you know that you can't act on them, or worse, shouldn't. You know all about those thoughts that start as a trickle and grow and grow until they hurt so much. I'm talking about thoughts that are wrong, in some ways. Well, perhaps not wrong ... Continue reading >>
That's the thing about nice toilets. They make you feel completely at home, even when you're not, whether you are in a restaurant or a party or even at work. You can lose yourself in a toilet very easily, not literally of course, metaphorically. I did just that when I was at a party, fairly recently. It was a social gathering between friends and work colleagues. I was chatting to a ... Continue reading >>
Mona walked into the grocer at an energetic pace. She was in a good mood even though it was freezing outside. Her last meeting went extremely well; her client was very impressed with her draft of his company's annual report. She had a few things to pick up before heading to her office and the shop she entered was convenient enough. She noticed the bearded man almost immediately as she ... Continue reading >>
Chapter Two They went to bed around nine. They had a fantastic session on the sofa before retiring. They woke early the next morning. Joy wanted some water sports, so they went into the bathroom. Paul drank two litres of mineral water. They repeated yesterday's session, but then Paul sat on the chair and Joy went on top. She was wonderful. He played with her breasts and fingered her big clit ... Continue reading >>
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