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It was my first day at the university and the butterflies were dancing in my stomach as the coach pulled up outside the tall imposing building of the main university campus building. I followed the other girls out of the bus to be greeted by an elderly lady, smartly dressed. She introduced herself as Mrs Dowding and proceeded to shepherd us inside where a group of smiling girls were waiting ... Continue reading >>
Mark Thane, Gun-For-Hire, former mercenary, expedition leader - he was stood in front of Laura Roft, with his large dick in his hand, and was showering her with his deliciously hot golden stream. For some reason, he had tied her up and she could not move but there again, why would she when his cock spray felt so amazing as it impacted against her flesh? His piss was so warm, flowing over ... Continue reading >>
The deepest, darkest, depths of Peru. It was to be Laura's first excursion into the untamed jungles of the world having finally come of age. As a child, she had travelled significantly with her father, but she had always been left at home when he went on his tomb-raiding excursions. Her father had since perished at the hands of the mysterious group known as 'The Pentagram' and now it was ... Continue reading >>
The following week saw a most unexpected event. Suzanne had rushed into the office early, her bladder bursting from all the water she had drunk during her long journey into work. Her boss was off on a training course and her colleague Helen had booked the day off to have her car serviced. It was too good an opportunity to miss! Normally, Suzanne's daytime toilets would involve using ... Continue reading >>
Suzanne had stripped naked, the office building all locked up for the weekend. She could make her escape via a fire exit once she had finished her fun, the evidence of her upcoming exploits safely dried away by the following Monday. Her bladder was fit to bursting and she was desperate to start. Opening the Managing Director's office she slipped inside, her nipples hardened on her small ... Continue reading >>
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