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I heard a chime from my laptop, a small banner appeared notifying me of an email. It was from Cindy, my attractive client from a few weeks ago whom I had an epic encounter with. In her email, Cindy said she would like my services¬† once again. I knew what she was wanted and it made me smile. I got to see her once again and perhaps re-live something as extraordinary as we experienced the ... Continue reading >>
Chloe, at twenty-five years of age, had just ended her first serious relationship and was adrift in more ways than one. Answering her sexual needs without somebody else to stimulate her physical desires had seen her taking to the internet in search of first dating sites, and then, after despairing of the obvious fake postings, had then taken to the fetish sites. She needed something out of ... Continue reading >>
The two girls sat side by side in the Principal's office, the room filled with a deathly silence. Their faces were like thunder, the one marked with a bloody scar where the fingernails of the other had connected during their skirmish in the grounds outside. The man they were waiting on sat behind the opposing desk. He was well built, sharply dressed and certainly not the person that had ... Continue reading >>
It had been a dark day from the offset. Sharn had left her village before dawn and when the sun had arisen, it had been a bloodied red, colouring the clouds with its malevolent stain. A chill in the air accompanied the birth of the morning, a low white mist clinging to the dew-wet grass that grew tall and long at this time of year. Pushing her way through the undergrowth, she approached ... Continue reading >>
I have been working as a maid for a few years and I like the work; the pay is not bad and no one seems to care how I dress. I almost always wear a tank top and black leggings, but this morning had been a little different. I had been halfway through masturbating when I looked up at the clock. I knew if I did not start getting ready immediately I would be late, so I was forced to leave ... Continue reading >>
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