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After our lunchtime romp, Jenny and I stayed in bed just talking about things. All kinds of things from the outright silly to the serious issues that make being an adult so taxing at times. The only real heavy part of the conversation was about her expectations. "You won't see anyone else while you're seeing me, will you?" she asked in a sober tone. "I wasn't planning on it." "Tom, ... Continue reading >>
"Come on, let's just do it. It can't be that bad, people do it all the time," he always says to me. I never really get turned on much anymore. After being in a relationship for a year and a half plus, it's hard to keep it spicy in bed. My boyfriend, Kyle, fantasizes about us doing anal constantly, he says it's his "fetish." I've always thought anal to be disgusting; how could it feel good ... Continue reading >>
The lasagna was excellent! Jenny told me it was an old family recipe from her father's mother, who was Italian. It was absolutely delicious, and I told her so! "I'm glad it made you happy!" she said, sitting there in the formal dinning room wearing only my shirt. I started to laugh. "What's so funny?" she asked with that sexy smile. "Look at us! This is a beautiful dinning room and ... Continue reading >>
Alice Stuart was not at all certain that she should even be standing in this hallway waiting for the seminar supervisor to assign her to a study hall for the four hour program of "Introduction to Analogy for Artistic Expression". The very title was a bit over the top for her because she was a fairly successful Romance writer of mostly e-book stories that were popular with the young ... Continue reading >>
Mandy didn't know about my relationship with her mother. She didn't know that my tongue had been in every nook and cranny of the older woman's body, nor that I had penetrated the canal through which Mandy had entered the world. She didn't know that my exultant spunk had drenched the surrounding area because Mrs Hubert turned me on so much. She didn't know that I knew about her relationship ... Continue reading >>
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