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Our collective heartbeats had barely resumed normal rhythm (following a tremendous three-way fuck-and-suck-fest) when my fiancĂ©e pointed to Bob's still partially-erect cock and exclaimed, "You promised me I'd get to see that thick monster in his ass!" "Promise you, I did," replied Bob in an almost perverted Yoda-esque fashion. "And you shall!" Thinking we'd need some time to recover before ... Continue reading >>
My room was now arranged to accommodate the two of us. I had managed to sneak in an extra mattress as Mary would often spend the night with me, in my room. I had things prepared for our usual oral sex, but Mary's idea about anal sex came as a surprise. From what I had heard, anal sex was often painful and many couples dared not to try it. "Are you sure, Mary?" I asked as I unbutton my shirt. ... Continue reading >>
Vampires. They're the lords of the night, the stalkers of the living. Each one was an irresistible pale beauty with powers far greater than any creature who lurked in the darkness. With one simple gaze they can trap you in their lustful spell and turn you into a mindless puppet. They held the strength of ten men and the speed of a cheetah. For countless Centuries, Vampires reigned dominion ... Continue reading >>
Just like every morning these days, I'm woken by the cat running across my stomach. Usually not uncomfortable, but with the baby getting bigger these days, it causes him to wiggle at the sudden impact. Opening my eyes, I push her off the bed, then reach over to my nightstand to check the time on my phone. Through my sleep fog, I see the clock reads 8:30 am. Half an hour before my alarm, but ... Continue reading >>
Life as Joann was moving forward rapidly. With the house to ourselves, I began ordering many things online and having them delivered to the house. In addition, to clothes and lingerie, I ordered a women's facial electric razor, a laser hair remover, and several kinds of women's skin cream. I also ordered some different breast forms to try out. Sis insisted on seeing everything that was ... Continue reading >>
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