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A tease regarding that forbidden of holes.... don't you want it? ... Continue reading >>
My legs still trembling a bit, Chris and Dave released me from the sandwich they had hugged me into, each one giving me a deep kiss. My ass was gaping from the DP they had applied, my body was sticky with a mixture of cum and lube, and I could still taste Brian's cum in my mouth. A tingling sensation enveloped my entire body, and my head buzzed with an almost euphoric high. Paul threw an ... Continue reading >>
The next morning, Chloe awoke an hour before her alarm went off. She thought about trying to go back to sleep, but she knew it would be futile. She was awake now, so she made the most of it. She went into the bathroom and started the shower. She had just finished washing her hair when she heard the bathroom door open. She heard the toilet flush, then the shower door slid open. Alex stepped ... Continue reading >>
Dennis was the town's longest-serving postman. There wasn't a day when, on his weary eight-hour round, he didn't think about retirement. Trudging up the long hill to Mack's filling station, he calculated that he was only one hour from finishing the gruelling 'walk'. "Shouldn't have bothered, buddy," said the gas station's proprietor, flinging the package into the trash bin. "It's ... Continue reading >>
Ava and I both woke at six in the morning then had a few cups of coffee as we talked about what could happen tonight at the "Freaky Friday" party.  She then told me a secret that surprised me but said not to let anyone know, including Barb. Before leaving to go back to my room, we told each other how utterly amazed we were about what happened between us last night. As we kissed goodbye ... Continue reading >>
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