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My wife was always ready to have sex. (She's the one on the left.) Anytime, anyplace, all I had to do was to grab her around the waist and kiss her on the neck and she was ready. There was nothing she loved more than giving head. Before I left for work every morning, she'd be waiting on her knees when I came out of the shower. Then when I came home, she would grab me and take me to bed ... Continue reading >>
I was raised in a Christian household where female sexual desire was suppressed. As innocent as I was, I could not stop myself from thinking of all different types of bodies coalescing in heated passion, tenderness, anger, hunger, and force. It became my dirty little obsession, late at night, in my room under cover of a blanket with the TV volume down low massaging my tender girly parts. ... Continue reading >>
The mundane 9-5 office job had its perks, particularly in the summer months. Our office was always inundated with placement requests from keen, young work experience students, awaiting their September placement at university. This summer was no different.  The burning August sun scorched through my office window almost glaring against my computer screen. Standing up out of my chair I ... Continue reading >>
Finishing my shower, I had little more than an hour before the realtor was due to arrive. I was thinking of buying a little cottage somewhere where I could write my erotica without distractions.  But right now I needed to make coffee before he arrived. I pulled on a tee shirt and popped downstairs. Once I'd got the coffee going, I could finish getting dressed.  Before I'd finished making ... Continue reading >>
The final bell rang as teacher Marcus Jackson was putting tests into his briefcase to grade over the weekend. It was Friday, so all of his students fled out of the classroom like it was on fire. He got a few goodbyes and some well-wishes for the weekend from some of his more studious students, however, most simply ran off like some girl had lost her top outside. After the last of his ... Continue reading >>
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