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Dale was feeling so despondent as she was led out into the hallway still naked and winced when she saw a naked Mary already there with her upper arm held firmly by one of the carers. Dale had her upper arm grabbed and squeezed next moment and then felt a very hard spank with something wooden, looked down, and saw the governess was holding a spatula and had already pulled it back for a ... Continue reading >>
Dale sat at the dining table in the dining room of the care home with Mary and Jennifer. All three were grannies and were sixty-eight-years-old and were at the care home because they couldn't afford to own their own homes, and this was the cheapest care home in the area.   Dale and Mary were long-time friends, but both had overspent on too many frivolous things couldn't afford a better home ... Continue reading >>
Chapter One: Mike approaches his neighbor, Randi   It was a very warm and beautiful morning, so I decided to take my morning coffee and go sit on my front porch, to read the paper and enjoy the start of my day. As I sat down, I saw my neighbor's wife, Randi, was out tending her flowerbeds. She was dressed in a bikini top and short shorts, that framed her heart shaped ass beautifully. ... Continue reading >>
Dale and Mary, both grannies and with Dale turning sixty-seven-years-old today, they were both being walked along the road with their upper arms clasped tightly by two eighteen-year-old girls who lived in their apartment block. Neither granny was wearing knickers as they had been told to remove them and knew if they tripped at all then the very short hems of their sleeveless dresses would ... Continue reading >>
Karen arrived next Friday evening. She was not expected until Saturday, but both Lucy and Jo were very pleased to see her. "Right, I have a print out of all your expected expenses and income. I have made lots of enquires about some things, so please raise any queries you have," said Karen. The girls looked at the printout and most of it did not mean much to them, it was just a whole lot ... Continue reading >>
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