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Peter Mitchell placed the key to the front door in lock and turned it slowly. He hoped to avoid waking his girlfriend Joanne and then having the unpleasant task of explaining to her where he had been and why he was only arriving home at eight o'clock that Sunday morning, long after he had promised he would be home. Peter pushed the front door open gently and removed his key. He stepped into ... Continue reading >>
Correction Officer Joanne Wilson had enjoyed her summer job so far. She had been working at the Female Correction Institute for two months and had succeeded in keeping the true nature of her full-time job a secret from her boyfriend Peter. Just as her boss, Karen Savage, had been advised, Joanne was a natural when it came to administering judicial-level punishments and had picked up the ... Continue reading >>
It was late April in Joanne Wilson's second year at University and her thoughts were on two things. Firstly, her upcoming end of year exams and secondly, finding a job to bring in some money over the long summer holidays. Both Peter her boyfriend and herself had decided to stay in the city over the summer rather than returning home for the twelve-week break. The fact that their two ... Continue reading >>
I glanced at my watch.  Two-thirty A.M. "Shit," I thought to myself.   "Hopefully my dad is asleep." "Why?" Ryan asked. "You know my dad Ryan.  He's never liked you first of all and its way past my curfew." "Curfew!" exclaimed Ryan.  "You're 18 years old now Meg, and you're in college now.  What's with the curfew?" "Ryan, you've known me long enough to know my dad.  'My house, my rules' ... Continue reading >>
Tina winced as she saw the annoyed look on Miss Cindy's face. She tried to explain, though. "It was a mistake, Miss Cindy. I intended to pay for the tops but just forgot and set off the alarm as I left the department store." Miss Cindy wasn't impressed and angrily berated Tina. "Forgot? That isn't good enough, my girl. Anyone can use that excuse. You need to remember or accept ... Continue reading >>
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