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I guess this is what you would call a "Confession" of sorts. Not that I am a Roman Catholic or anything like that. I am a good Church of England girl and I was brought up real strict by my mum who constantly reminded me every school day to wear clean knickers in case I got hit by a truck on the way to school. Knickers! Whenever I start to think about knickers or even bras my mind just ... Continue reading >>
I sat still, the taste of cum fresh on my lips, still panting with excitement from what I'd just done, yet still I was yearning for more. "What could possibly happen next?" I thought to myself as I looked up at Anna and Rick. Being way out of my depth I decided to leave the choices to them. If they say I need attention then I'm certainly not going to stop them.  Anna told me to stand up ... Continue reading >>
A miserable morning. As the train arrived the heavens opened and I was forced to take the closest carriage and share with another passenger instead of finding an empty one so that I could indulge my wont for a morning orgasm alone. The forty five minute journey to school seemed interminable and my fellow traveller did not disembark until the penultimate station and with just a minute or ... Continue reading >>
Driving home from Larry's, Dave's thoughts were racing. One moment he was lustfully reliving what Larry did to him and felt his cock stiffen, the next he was worried about what Helen might say to him tonight when she saw his shaved groin. Pulling into the garage, Dave saw Helen's car, and he got a bit nervous. "Hi, Honey. I'm home," Dave called out, walking into the house. "Boy, you ... Continue reading >>
Natives of the west coast usually have a right to be smug about their weather. The climate is mild with snow usually falling only in the mountains, the unbearable heat confined to the deserts, an ocean breeze caressing the coast, and little change among the seasons. But Mother Nature can be capricious. Santa Ana winds can spread devasting wildfires, cold fronts can swoop down from Canada, ... Continue reading >>
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