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Six weeks after finishing high school, Tommy was fortunate to get a job at a small company that specialized in dry walling. There were four teams in the business, each consisting of four men. Tommy was employed as an apprentice on a four-month probation period and then after that, if he proved to be worthy, he would begin to earn a proper wage as a fulltime employee. The three guys in the ... Continue reading >>
As I pushed my lawnmower, the sweat ran down my face steaming up my sunglasses. I looked up, and I saw my new next-door neighbor walking toward the fence that separated our properties. She had recently moved into the house next door, and I had never had a chance to meet her. She was carrying two glasses. She stopped at the fence, and it was apparent to me she had something she wanted to say. ... Continue reading >>
For the next few days, I pondered the possibility of getting Carl to fuck Baxter. Baxter liked my fucking him but maybe he'd like a bigger cock to broaden his horizons, hah hah. Our wives had gone to the movies, so, after a rare fuck session on a Sunday afternoon, I asked him, "Do you think it's time for a bigger cock to fuck you?" "I don't know. I've never thought about it." "Mine ... Continue reading >>
I had been having dreams, odd dreams, about my wife's college roommate for some time now.  They were always vivid and seemed to suggest a sexual relationship between the two of us.  Sometimes, there would be other people involved.  Sometimes, there were crazy sexual situations that I'd never desired in real life, but in these dreams were my deepest desires.  I finally brought these dreams to ... Continue reading >>
I had spent all day Thursday at work thinking of the night before and the early morning with Robert and how he had turned my body onto so many new sensations. My cock would begin to harden at the thought of Robert going down on me and us in a sixty-nine with me worshipping his throbbing member. I knew I would have to take a walk when my thoughts wandered to Robert sliding his cock into my ... Continue reading >>
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