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Evelyn was at a crossroad in her life. At forty-five, with her two kids away at university and her husband working long hours and travelling, she was struggling with how to fill the hours of the day she was alone with meaningful events. The recent months had proven to be especially challenging for Evelyn. Her sexual appetite had spiked and she often found herself daydreaming of a myriad ... Continue reading >>
I had long suspected my wife of cheating on me. I had no definite proof, but I was certain I was right. She was a hot and oversexed lady that had recently seemed less interested in me fucking her. I knew when we married that she had many previous lovers. But that was okay with me because she was insatiable and would fuck my brains out. Her lack of interest in sex made me very suspicious that ... Continue reading >>
Prologue. Amanda and Nancy have much in common. They share the same birthday, grew up on the same street, went to the same schools and graduated from a prestigious university. They both married into the same, influential and very rich family. This wasn't by fluke or fate. Amanda and Nancy had conspired and meticulously planned out their future, shortly after entering university. It ... Continue reading >>
Well, as you may have read in my last fun encounter with Vinny, like an idiot I allowed some pictures to be taken. Big mistake! If my husband sees them, I could be in a lot of trouble, maybe even jeopardize my marriage. Yes, we have a "don't ask, don't tell" polyamorous relationship but I love my husband with all my heart. The latest sex I'd had was with my husband followed by a swingers' ... Continue reading >>
I got a phone call as I was getting dressed for work on Monday morning and as my wife, Janie could tell I was not very happy about it. "I have to go to Detroit next weekend," I said. "The guy who was supposed to be repping us at the trade show is out sick. The boss thinks he won't have time to prepare after he gets back to work and might not even be healthy enough to go to the show at all. ... Continue reading >>
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