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"For my birthday I would like to go out dancing at the club and bring a man home to fuck," my wife explained.  "That isn't really what I meant when I asked what you wanted for your birthday, honey," I replied, feeling dejected. I wasn't prepared to hear my wife ask me to fuck another man, especially not as a gift from a husband to his wife.  "Well, I've been thinking about this for a while ... Continue reading >>
Our relationship had been sexual for about a year. I was cheating on my wife, and Annie was cheating on her husband, Ivan. It was a lust/sexual relationship and neither of us had ideas of running off to be happy ever after together. This 'something' seemed like all the others. A Thursday evening, a common night for Ivan to be away on business. We called them 'somethings', as in something ... Continue reading >>
We walked into the restaurant at eight. I had worn my usual black suit. Bella had worn a black dress that ended right above her knee, revealing her smooth legs. We looked like a young couple who were celebrating their anniversary together over a romantic dinner. We put in a word to the receptionist about our arrival and she led us to our dining table. I pulled out the chair for Bella ... Continue reading >>
It tickled as the glob of conditioner slipped from my long wet hair, ran down the indentation of my spine and landed with a resounding splat on the shower floor.  I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined it was a lover's tongue softly gliding slowly down my back. I shivered as I reached for the bottle of expensive hair product to try again while contemplating the last time anyone touched ... Continue reading >>
Steve didn't mince his words. "You're a lucky cunt, Gary." Steve and I were on the deck having a beer. We were watching Pat, my wife, pottering around in the garden. "It's frustrating," Steve said. "What is?" I knew what he was going to say, or at least the subject. "The way Pat's shirt opens, and I can't quite see her tits." "It's not her shirt, it's mine," I corrected Steve. Pat ... Continue reading >>
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