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By now Philadelphia was cold, really cold, Christmas decorations were up and everyone was preparing for finals. But most importantly the end of year parties were in full swing. Some we're your regular college party, some were easy to go to, while others were exclusive and invite only. It had taken nearly all of my first semester but finally I had a lead on the girl, that girl, my girl. ... Continue reading >>
Ohmygod ohmygod he's making his way along my row. Don't look. Stay calm. Focus on. the textbook. that's it. Principles of Neural Science. Fifth Edition. Anything other than those calf muscles and toned thighs and that well-defined package in his shorts I'm so not glancing at. The row is empty but he doesn't slow, each step directly linked to my elevating heart rate. I let my hair fall on ... Continue reading >>
First year of college and she felt overwhelmed instantly. Crammed tight against two-hundred withering, sweaty bodies, Jane fought her way to the sign in table. Elbows hit ribs, shoulders brushed one another, and asses cuddled into groins. The moment she burst to the front of the crowd, Jane sighed with relief. Quickly stating her name and year, the senior running the table ended up tossing ... Continue reading >>
Autumn had come and gone and now winter had firmly grasped Philadelphia. The temperature had plummeted and people were wrapping up. College was going well; I'd made the rugby first team, the only freshman on the squad, and was training with the ski team. Despite a range of casual encounters I still didn't have a girlfriend and there was only one girl I wanted - but she was spoken for, ... Continue reading >>
They had all already had six weeks of doing silly things as part of being pledged to the fraternity and it was finally here, pledge week, and Jason was anxiously looking forward to the night he would make the pledge. His best friend, who was a year older and already had a year of college under his belt, was a member of the same fraternity. When asked what he would have to do to pledge, ... Continue reading >>
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