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College Sex Videos.

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I grew up in a college town, Gainesville, Florida, home of the Gators, and my high school friends and I played basketball on our high school team. We were good, but not good enough to earn college scholarships. My name is James, and my four friends and I all had good enough grades to get into the University of Florida and we took advantage of the intramural program to continue ... Continue reading >>
It was Friday and my girlfriend, Anne called me at work to let me know to meet her at the local bar where several of the girls from her dorm would be going. Our friend Steve bartended there part-time, at nights to pay for his college tuition. Anne, Evelyn and I usually went there on the nights he was working to make sure he got plenty of tips and for the free drinks. On this particular ... Continue reading >>
Luke "Trust me," she said, two fingers with something cold and slippery on them, poised at the edge of my arse and she said, "Trust me." On one hand, each time I had said it to her, she did with little to no hesitation. On the other, what did I really know about this person with her fingers ready to go where no one had gone before. The 'bunny boiler' thought sprang to mind just to add ... Continue reading >>
During spring break of my wife's junior year in college, she went on a field trip with her journalism class. They visited two universities that offered master's degrees in journalism. The class instructor, Mr. Newman, had made arrangements for the group to attend several graduate seminars at each school and meet with the heads of the journalism departments to discuss admissions requirements. ... Continue reading >>
For a relatively short period in my sophomore and junior years at the City College of New York, I was "spinning plates" with several girls at the same time. I hadn't planned for this to happen - in fact, until it did, I wouldn't have believed that a guy like me would be able to pull off something like that. But circumstances were briefly in my favor and, being young and callow, I took ... Continue reading >>
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