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Crossdressing Sex Movies

Crossdressing Sex Movies.

Read crossdressing stories written by our members:

It was Christmas time but still warm in Los Angeles.  I was living in West LA and heard about a club called Club Sex Addict in the valley, a haven for crossdressers.  I had a fairly extensive warddrobe that I bought in a Culver City lingerie shop.  I just bit the bullet and went there and told the girl who worked there that I was a CD and she would help my pick out sexy slutty stuff to wear. ... Continue reading >>
Trussed in nylon and lace, I followed Mom out of the house to her car. My heels clicked on the concrete, a pleasing sound reminding me of my altered persona. Standing next to mom's 914 Porsche, not the real Porsche she wanted, I reached down and opened the door. Careful not to let anything touch my facial makeup, I bent down, sat in the bucket seat and swung my nylon encased legs in. The ... Continue reading >>
Until Halloween, I didn't dress as a girl again. At home in the afternoon, I removed my outer male clothes, slipped into a nightie and walked about in my three-inch heels until feet and ankles said, 'no more practice.' Each day the negative response took a little longer. By Halloween, I could prance about at my elevated height for four hours before they said no. Sitting down ... Continue reading >>
Once back at home, standing before the mirror with the blouse and skirt ready to be put on, mom exclaimed, "Shoes, Michael, we forgot to get shoes! We need to rush back for shoes and nylons! I was so upset at how you treated Bonnie, I forgot you need shoes and nylons." I'd worn tennis shoes to Macy's and with them on, we went to a Kenny's shoe store with my girl's makeup face, me terrified ... Continue reading >>
"When is he due back?" "Who?" Audrey gave Jill a look. "Oh, you mean Jack? Not sure actually." "I call that bullshit. You know exactly when he will be back." Jill smiled dreamily . "Yeah, tomorrow at 8.15pm." "And by 9.30pm you will have his cock deep inside you?" "Hopefully." "How long has he been gone?" "Three months almost, hiking in South America with his other macho friends." ... Continue reading >>