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Crossdressing Sex Movies

Crossdressing Sex Movies.

Read crossdressing stories written by our members:

All of my life from the time I was young to now at twenty-five, I have had an obsession with women. It is not that I like them (which I most certainly do) but more that I want to be like them, act like them, and most importantly dress like them. It started when I was very young and developed an interest in the legs and nylons of women which I found fascinating. The sheer and soft material ... Continue reading >>
Frank didn't vocalize his orgasms. So I never knew he'd cum until he stopped his motion and pulled out of me. Then I'd look over my shoulder with a smile and ask, "Did you cum?" And Frank, already backing off the bed, his big cock curving downward now, would reply, "Yeah." Although normally quite chatty, in the immediate aftermath of sex Frank turned into a man of few words, a regular ... Continue reading >>
Buying a dildo online was a bit nerve-wracking, honestly. Not for any huge reason or anything - I live alone, and the packaging is supposed to be discreet anyway, but there's just something that made me nervous when I first put in the order. Sure enough, it wasn't like it was a fat box labeled, "Tasty Black Dildos for Sissy Whores," all around it; just a plain box, inside which was some ... Continue reading >>
Alice was clad in a tight pair of black lace silken panties that felt so smooth upon her caged genitals. This pair of panties, more so than any other pair Alice owned sent aroused shivers up and down her whole body whenever she was made to wear them by her Mistress.   Mistress Sarafina had left Alice a detailed text message earlier in the day explaining what Mistress Sarafina expected ... Continue reading >>
Sissy boy John was petticoated at Secondary School after falling foul of Jenny Tough, a school bully. During his week of penance, John found that he was more at ease and happier amongst girls than with boys. John decided, therefore, to explore his feminine side by trying to live as a girl. John's Mum was shocked when he first arrived at home wearing a schoolgirl's uniform but calmly listened ... Continue reading >>