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Crossdressing Sex Movies

Crossdressing Sex Movies.

Read crossdressing stories written by our members:

Jack was the first person I met on my first night out dressed as a girl... a sexy, slutty girl. He is the head bouncer/ co-owner of the security firm that deals with security for various gay and tranny nightclubs including this particular TS/ TV/ CD club which was my first introduction to 'the scene'. And I must say it's an awesome club. The trans scene is much larger than I realised but ... Continue reading >>
So it started with putting on one of my sister's dresses when I was sixteen. It was a long velvet dress and felt incredible on. Prancing around the bedroom, I felt super sexy and so turned on. I was skinny, blond, smooth and could look like a young chick. So turned on, my cock was throbbing. Within ninety seconds I shot a huge load inside the dress. Funny that I had no thoughts of men, ... Continue reading >>
I have been dressing in women's panties and stockings for all my adult life. It's a huge turn on for me. I have always considered myself straight, but as I have got older I have become bi-curious, only when I'm dressed up though. I was out of town on a business trip and I went to Walmart and bought a pair of panties, stockings and a mini skirt. I then went to a gas station bathroom and put ... Continue reading >>
I finally got the nerve to go out in public dressed. I've been dressing in private for years. It started with panties, Some of my wife's, some of in-laws that have stayed with us from time to time. I finally got the nerve to buy some at a store. So exciting, looking at panties wondering how they will look on you. Took a while to find my correct size; I like them tight not no so tight I fall ... Continue reading >>
Five o'clock finally arrived and it was all I could do to stop myself from doing  handsprings out to my car. I'd really done nothing but fidget in my chair all day anyway. The only thing on my mind from the moment I woke that morning was my plans for the following week. An old friend would be arriving to stay with me and I'd taken the following week off so we'd have nine lust filled ... Continue reading >>