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Crossdressing Sex Movies

Crossdressing Sex Movies.

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Marc was too excited to sleep that night as his mind was swimming with anticipation about his meeting with Charlene. His fearful side reminded him that he had her business card and that he should call her and cancel their meeting. His experimental side chimed in that she had discovered his secret and didn't laugh or tell his parents. She instead kissed him and then invited him to meet ... Continue reading >>
By day, I'm an average Korean guy, a bit on the fat side, my whole life I haven't been very attractive to women. I'm very timid and shy as a boy, very much a beta. I never even had sex until after college and my dating life has always been pathetic.  I've always had a bit of a tight rubber and latex fetish. As I became older, I began buying some pieces of latex and dressing like a ... Continue reading >>
Chapter Fifteen - Bettys Down Under Michele had an emotional last day with Ying. As well as lovers, they had become good friends. Michele promised to write to Ying and vowed that one day she would return to Thailand and they would reunite. Their last night together was a sex-charged boozy affair and Michele rose early the next morning and left Ying fast asleep in the hotel. She ... Continue reading >>
It was his own fault. He had spent far too long admiring himself in the mirror and revelling at the sight of the erotic garments he had donned and time had slipped away from him. Just the feeling of these silky garments against his skin made him hard as they always did and a masturbation session would soon follow. The mirror on one side of his sliding closet doors reflected the image of a ... Continue reading >>
Chapter Fourteen - Supergirls Bangkok "I've fucking had it with Jason!" Michele spat at Rod Latham "That fuckwit tracked me down and found me in a bar in Naples and created an absolute shitfight. And every night I'm here in the club, he carries on like a petulant child whenever I work a punter and in particular Lieutenant Steve Winters who is one of our best customers. When is ... Continue reading >>