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Crossdressing Sex Movies

Crossdressing Sex Movies.

Read crossdressing stories written by our members:

I finally got the nerve to go out in public dressed. I've been dressing in private for years. It started with panties, Some of my wife's, some of in-laws that have stayed with us from time to time. I finally got the nerve to buy some at a store. So exciting, looking at panties wondering how they will look on you. Took a while to find my correct size; I like them tight not no so tight I fall ... Continue reading >>
Five o'clock finally arrived and it was all I could do to stop myself from doing  handsprings out to my car. I'd really done nothing but fidget in my chair all day anyway. The only thing on my mind from the moment I woke that morning was my plans for the following week. An old friend would be arriving to stay with me and I'd taken the following week off so we'd have nine lust filled ... Continue reading >>
I was going to be the gurls' slutty French maid for the night and couldn't wait to get to Karen's so the fun could start with four hot t-gurls and four hot cocks for my mouth and ass.   Lucy picked me up, and as soon as I got in her 4x4, I slipped out of my jeans to reveal my knee-length black boots, black lace top hold ups, black suspenders, and wet look black micro mini skirt. I unzipped ... Continue reading >>
Mike left his telescope at the window even though it wasn't used any longer; his laptop was the new tool of choice. Every night around midnight he would receive a chat request and a second later Leann's beautiful face would fill his screen. There was the usual small talk about their day as Mike stared at her pretty face. They didn't have to talk about sex. Between her looks, dress ... Continue reading >>
It had been a couple of weeks since Ellie and had our little trysts with Derek and Ken, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  As much as I loved being with Ellie, there was something magical about that night with Ken.  We had talked about it, and I downplayed how wonderful it was to make love to Ken.  She told me that she enjoyed her night with Derek too, but she didn't really seem to make ... Continue reading >>