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Crossdressing Sex Movies

Crossdressing Sex Movies.

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Barrack Room Betty Ch. 01 By Michele Nylons©   Chapter One - Wish I Was Wren "Wish I was a Wren," Recruit Brian Perkins mumbled under his breath. 'Fuck! I wish he hadn't said that!' thought Recruit Michael Nyland. He knew that no good would come of it. "Your wish might come true," Leading Recruit Jason Jones (Spike to his friends) sneered. Michael Nyland shivered, and not ... Continue reading >>
The normal workday had finished and I gladly filed away the tedious paperwork that I had been toiling with over the past few hours. Knowing that I wasn't going to depart for a number of hours, I went to the common tea room and made myself a cup of coffee. Back in my office, I sat back, sipped my coffee and contemplated my plan for the next hour and a half before the evening students started ... Continue reading >>
The music was loud.  The bar was crowded.  Norm had a good buzz going, and hadn't paid for a single drink all night.  Actually, Natalie hadn't paid for a drink all night, because that was the name he used - when he felt like offering it - on these little jaunts. He knew he looked good as a woman.  Heads turned and men approached him relentlessly every time he dressed to kill and hit ... Continue reading >>
Chapter Three - Passports and Payments   "How the fuck I am going to get my passport and references changed from Christopher Nyland to Candace Pops?" Candi sobbed into the phone. Michelle sat up in bed patiently listening to Candi whine on the other end of the line. Her lover was getting impatient and was rubbing his erect penis against her silk stocking-clad leg. She covered ... Continue reading >>
Candi awoke late the next day with the sun streaming in through the window. For a few seconds, she thought she had dreamt the whole thing. Then she noticed her pillow was stained with lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow and she smiled. She could still taste Michelle's sweet mouth on hers. She rolled over and tried to catch more sleep but her mind was racing. She had so much to do! First thing ... Continue reading >>