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Cuckold Sex Videos.

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Heather slowly opened her eyes, her legs lewdly spread across the bed. Her hair was plastered to her forehead and a combination of sweat and oil gave her skin a glow in the late afternoon sunlight that streamed through the bedroom window now that the rain had passed. As she regained her senses, her eyes began to focus on Will. He was on his knees, but upright and lording over her. His ... Continue reading >>
Fall 2016 . It was lights out a few minutes ago, but I can still see the sixty-two, twelve-inch┬áceiling tiles by the glow of the street lights coming through my window. I don't count the seventeen partial tiles, it just doesn't seem right. Yeah, things got really wild that day, but it allowed us to break down barriers we didn't realize we had. Over the next three years, our love grew ... Continue reading >>
I hated deceiving Lori but it was the only way my fantasy was ever going to happen. Making my dream a reality would take planning, subterfuge and - yes -lies. And if she ever found out I'd been online and arranged for some stranger to seduce her... Let's put it like this: there would be hell to pay. But it was a risk I was more than happy to take. Setting it up behind her back was my ... Continue reading >>
Most of the cuckold stories I've read are from the perspective and in the first-person voice of either the husband being cuckolded or his hotwife. But I'm happy to provide my story about fucking and impregnating the wife of an old high school friend. This happened several years ago, when they moved back to our home town of Birmingham, Alabama. My name is Sam, and I'll first explain the ... Continue reading >>
It was Wednesday evening at our favorite little dive bar; I was having dinner with my wife, Heather. I enjoyed a nice microbrew, my wife having her usual vodka and soda. We talked about our day, the kids, the bills, weekend plans. the usual long-married couple conversations. Somewhere in those conversations, a man sat down at the bar next to my wife. He was a handsome black man, ... Continue reading >>
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