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We got home from our weekend at Jen's parents and Jen took Martin to the station after she had given him one last fuck and I was allowed to clean them both. Jen returned and she was very tearful about leaving Martin; although I tried to comfort her by telling her that she would see him again next weekend, she was still sad. It was two days later when I received the call that I was dreading; ... Continue reading >>
The picture on my cell phone was of my wife's big round tits. The nipples were fully extended, and amazingly.they were covered with endless gobs and ropes of a sticky thick white substance. I'd never gotten a picture like this one before. "He just left. I'm glad he blew his load across my chest, or he might have drowned me!" The accompanying text message read. My erection was trembling, ... Continue reading >>
Chapter 3 One month has passed since Brad started living with me and beautiful wife Lina during the weekends. I thought I had it tough with Lina before, but it had gotten so much worse since Brad has moved in. My life was now a combination of sexual frustration, humiliation, physical pain and mental torture.  It had gotten progressively worse each day since Brad's arrival. Brad and Lina ... Continue reading >>
". and how was the sex?" Shamelessly, a corner of Carly's mouth curled into a half grin as she reflected on the previous night's activities. "It was insane," Carly replied. "I'd expected Wade to be excited and attentive, but he was unrelenting. He was insatiable. It felt like he could go all night. A little look or a reminder of what happened with Nicolas, or a hint of what more ... Continue reading >>
Emma was just coming out of the shower, naked and dripping wet when her phone buzzed with a text message. It was from Charlotte. It said, "Hi Emma. Good news, I've spoken to Gary and I think he has agreed. But, can you please come and see me before you go home to him?" She sat on the bed, after wrapping herself in a towel, and typed her reply. Her busty breasts made a bulge in her towel. ... Continue reading >>
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