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Cuckold Sex Videos.

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I'd been involved with some hot wife┬ácouples as a Bull┬ábefore, a different thing from helping a woman cuck her hubby. Hot wiving means the husband is involved somehow, or may sit back and watch and direct. Can be Hetero or Bi. I always went straight hetero with couples, as I'm averse to sex with men. Nothing wrong with the Bi thing, just not my bag. When I met this particular couple it was ... Continue reading >>
Chapter Thirty "That's disgusting!" The revulsion in my daughter Isobel's phone-crackled voice would have been comical if my news hadn't been so serious. Having made the decision to come clean and let the world know about my pregnancy, I had steeled myself to make the first confessional call to the person I believed was most likely to react badly. I had called several times during ... Continue reading >>
This story is different from my other cuckold tales. Both readers of erotic literature, Becky and her husband David had been enjoying my Acts of Infidelity series for some time before she decided to get in touch. In an open marriage herself, she wanted me and my other readers to understand that there is a different aspect to partner-sharing that my 'Cuckold' stories so far had missed. ... Continue reading >>
They let me walk upstairs without any resistance, and I kept thinking about what I would say to her. I didn't want to confront her with all these guys that I didn't know. I felt small and weak, and there was nothing I could do to stop these boys from having their way with my wife. If anything, I would just be here for support, and make sure she was safe. Whatever feelings I had about ... Continue reading >>
I sat there quietly on my own for a little while afterwards. Paulo had been very aroused. His erection stood tall as he sat reaching past his waist. It felt unnatural for me to be looking at another man like that but I couldn't help it. I envied his size and I could understand why Sue, and any other woman for that matter, wanting him. He asked Sue if she wanted to have a lie down for a ... Continue reading >>
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