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I've always enjoyed going out to bars and clubs and did so quite often when I was escorting, sometimes on my own on nights off to just chill out, drink, party, have fun and forget about life for a night. This one particular night, I was completely dolled up just like I was for my sessions. I went to a club that I liked a lot in central London. I'd been there for a few hours, chatting to ... Continue reading >>
Alan had never expected it would be like this; the angst and the pain. He had only focused on the sexual excitement. The excitement he received from imaging her with another man; being fucked hard and long by one much bigger than him and more virile. But there was another side to being cuckolded, like the flip-side of a coin. There was pain as well as excitement. He glanced at his mobile ... Continue reading >>
I was very excited about having to be naked all of the time; the thrill that I get from Jen seeing me naked was out of this world and even though I am not allowed to see or touch her naked body, I get a lot of pleasure seeing her in her sexy lingerie. And I was secretly hoping that I will get to clean her out again after her black lover has fucked her. I woke at eight fifteen and went to ... Continue reading >>
It had been one mad rush for Dawn that lunchtime. She was supposed to have finished work at eleven-thirty but the head teacher had called a staff meeting which didn't finish until twelve noon. So it was a mad dash home to get showered and changed and get a taxi to the hotel. She would have liked to have soaked in the bath, dressed and prepared at a more leisurely pace but that couldn't be. ... Continue reading >>
Dawn returned to the lounge and sat back down next to her husband Alan after placing her mobile phone down on the coffee table in front of them. He could sense her tension. "That was Bradley," she said quietly. "He wants to take me out lunch tomorrow." He didn't respond as he turned back to the television screen. Bradley was his boss. Dawn stayed silent as well as she reflected on events a ... Continue reading >>
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