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Exhibitionism Movies.

Read exhibitionism stories written by our members:

In previous postings I've described how I've challenged Alice, my wife, to expose her body to strangers. She's always reluctant but doing it makes her incredibly hot. And our sex afterward is terrific. She's a beautiful forty-year-old blonde with beautiful 34B tits and, at my request, a shaved pussy. Here's how it began: One night during some pillow talk, I mentioned that when we were at ... Continue reading >>
Out of this "market test", a few longer term CFNM opportunities came my way. I will detail a few of them. One lady approached me directly, with a suggestion that I entertain a group of ladies from a support group, that she had been attending. The ladies were involved in a group-counselling program, that aimed to support ladies undergoing divorce, or separation, from longer-term ... Continue reading >>
My boyfriend, David and I on were on our way back to Australia flying on Swiss International. We were to switch flights at Zurich but had a few hours between flights to play with. We decided to explore the city rather than stay at the airport. We got to the centre of Zurich. It was mid-afternoon on a Sunday and all the shops were closed. Apparently, the Swiss don't do business on Sundays. ... Continue reading >>
I was about twenty-one when I took part in one of the wildest things I have ever done. I was invited to a hen night not just as a lap dancer, but as a full-on stripper for a bride-to-be. I was always game for anything but this was wild and well outside even my comfort zone. I was always happy to show off my well-toned body, but being a full-on stripper with benefits was going to be insane. ... Continue reading >>
It was such a shock to me when I was on a weekend away with my boyfriend Eric and a friend of mine, Tania. It was mid-afternoon and we had just returned from an eight-kilometer run. I was getting a glass of water to drink in the kitchen and Eric was sitting in the lounge watching TV. In walked Tania, from the bathroom, wearing only her black spandex halter top she wore for jogging. In her ... Continue reading >>
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