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Exhibitionism Movies

Exhibitionism Movies.

Read exhibitionism stories written by our members:

The helpful teacher, James, from the boys' school had been in touch, suggesting that the sixth-form boys could really benefit from some instruction in pleasing a woman, and would I mind giving the occasional lesson on the subject? As I thought I could combine it with indulging in a night of rampant sex with another dormitory of boys, I agreed readily. However, as I was intending to enjoy ... Continue reading >>
Since James was driving us home, I took it upon myself to enjoy the free wine for the two of us. This left him a bit irritable at the end of the night and not quite in the amorous mood I was in. We hadn't even made it out of the parking garage yet and I was trying to kiss his neck.  "Babe, what are you doing? Leave me alone, I'm trying to drive," he said aggressively.  "I'm sorry hun, I ... Continue reading >>
The shop fronts streamed past while our taxi made its way through the streets of Paris. We were on our way to what Emily described as an adult circus. She had a friend who was involved with the event and was able to get us prime tickets and it was all very hush hush. Emily gave me a cheeky smile as our eyes met. "Don't worry, this is going to great!" she reassured me with a wicked smile. ... Continue reading >>
They hadn't seen each other for at least six months. With travel and work and others, it just hadn't worked out that they could meet up. Jesse and Ellie had kept in touch of course periodically, so there was still something there, but would it be different? Would things feel different? They would soon find out that it was as if no time had passed. Ellie drove up and walked in the house as ... Continue reading >>
The last leg of our trip to Spain was in Sevilla, the romantic capital of Andalusia. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable vacation. We were staying in a four-star hotel near the Guadalquivir and the bridge of Briana, a strategic and suggestive location. The first day was a full immersion in the endearing atmosphere of this beautiful city. We particularly loved the architecture ... Continue reading >>
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