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Exhibitionism Movies

Exhibitionism Movies.

Read exhibitionism stories written by our members:

Driving home in the car they were both laughing at the waiter's reaction. He seemed completely at a loss and had no idea how to handle the situation. Dave looked across at his beautiful wife.   "What do you think he'll do with them?"   "Well if he's smart he won't waste my cum and let them dry out. My bet is that he is in the bathroom as we speak making his cock slick with my sticky ... Continue reading >>
It was August of 1990. Kelly and I were thirty years old. We had won a trip to Spain which we took the previous June. Kelly had a ton of sex on that trip, including a public gang-gang at a nude beach. We met some new friends, including Barry who owned both a Chevy dealership and a nine-inch dong, and Scott who owned several furniture stores. Both of them were in their mid-forties. The four of ... Continue reading >>
I had fantasized for a long time about having several horny guys shoot their cum loads on my naked body, but had never experienced it. I decided that tonight - in this sexy little theater - would be the night - if I could pull it off. The two original guys were still back there behind the half wall, and still playing with each other and watching my every move. I was obviously turning them ... Continue reading >>
All the way to the restaurant Dave couldn't take his eyes off Brittany's legs. One of the reasons he had bought that particular dress for her was because it would show off lots of her legs, which he thought were fantastic, but Brittany had just never really had the confidence to wear it more than once until tonight. She had to remind him a couple of times to watch the road even though she ... Continue reading >>
Over the next week, Dave noticed a sudden and dramatic change in Brittany but he had no idea what to make of it. Brittany had gone from looking despondent and only talking when it was necessary, back to the excitable chatterbox she had been when she was younger. Some people didn't like this aspect of Brittany's personality and people who didn't really know her often made the mistake ... Continue reading >>
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