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Exhibitionism Movies

Exhibitionism Movies.

Read exhibitionism stories written by our members:

Sometimes I wish Tracey wasn't quite so extravert. We've known each other for twelve months now, since final year at school. We're head over heels. I've never complained about the cheeky little stripteases she gives me, and now we're at uni I'm constantly on edge of 'coming' in the lecture theatre, simply thinking of her size C breasts with their pretty pink tips.  But there are limits. ... Continue reading >>
We untied and made the no-wake trip down river onto the big lake. Kelly was sitting out on the bow while Scott and I were cracking open cold ones on the aft deck. Once we were on the lake proper, Barry suggested to Kelly that she come back to the deck. Once she had a seat, he opened it up. Wow! Loud as all hell and fast! Hard to imagine something that big accelerating so quickly. We were quite ... Continue reading >>
A year had passed. My first year at University had been very successful. My scholastic achievements were excellent, and my social progress was just as good. Girls at Uni seemed to have different criteria for assessing boys, to girls at school. "Footie" prowess, gift of the gab, and rugged goodlooks, were replaced by scholastic success, cute good looks, and an "appreciation for the arts". I ... Continue reading >>
My wife, Alice, is a hot fifty-two-year old. She's a natural blonde. Her five-foot-three body is slim and trim. Her perky tits fill a B-cup to overflowing and, when free, are firm and topped with luscious nipples. In a word, she is hot. And she loves to fuck.   Although she may appear to be prim and proper, when we go out she'll dress as sexy as I want. She loves to be admired and I like ... Continue reading >>
It was July 1990. Kelly and I had returned from our weeklong trip to Spain barely two weeks before. In that time, Kelly's pussy was on fire! She was still wildly turned on by our adventures in Spain from gang fucking on the beach to being groped and jerked off in the pub. All of it had her wanting nothing more than to orgasm at every chance she could get. She would wake up in the early hours ... Continue reading >>
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