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Exhibitionism Movies

Exhibitionism Movies.

Read exhibitionism stories written by our members:

I got to enjoy my next fantasy almost by accident and it wasn't quite how I had envisioned it happening, but circumstances made it so unique that it exceeded my expectations, I think. Kurt and I had taken a weekend trip to the city, arriving Friday night, seeing a show then going to dinner. A date weekend. On Saturday, we did some sightseeing and shopping, with lunch at a quaint intimate ... Continue reading >>
A week before, he had teased be about my list. I tend to write lists, as it's easier than trying to remember things all the time. But this one was my secret list, my fantasy list for my year. A week before my birthday he'd seen me hiding the paper from him and asked what I was doing. "Nothing," I'd told him. "You're scrambling pretty quick to hide nothing," he'd smirked. "Another one of ... Continue reading >>
This sequence of events took place nearly twenty years ago, when we were living in Sydney's eastern suburbs. As revealed in my previous contributions, I often strolled about the neighbourhood, before dawn, naked but for shoes, holding shorts in my hand, for use in emergencies. I enjoyed the risk of discovery, as well as the freedom from convention. However, I always took care, not to ... Continue reading >>
We had long dreamed of this weekend, and it was finally here. A chance for us to drop out of life for a few days and let go, to submit to our unbridled fervor, to test and push limits, and maybe even live out a few fantasies. The hotel provided us a haven to do whatever we wanted, and we did. *** Grace and I pulled up to the hotel just after lunch time. We had called ahead to book an ... Continue reading >>
Elliot hadn't said when I needed to be at the casino, so I took my sweet time trying to pick out what to wear.  In the first week I was in Vegas I was running out of money, so I had sold most of my clothes.  What I had left wasn't much. "I pulled out everything clean that I could find, and Daisy it isn't much," Corey said looking at the skimpy outfits arrayed on my bed.  "And it looks like ... Continue reading >>
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