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My name is Adam Rockwood and I am twenty-one years old, a country boy at heart. My dad was a hard-working logger and I inherited his rugged looks. I wear my dirty blond hair down to my shoulders, which has just a bit of a curl to it. I'm six-foot, two-inches tall, with a muscular build but I have a ruddy complexion that is a turn off to most girls. I did inherit my mom's icy blue eyes, which ... Continue reading >>
"He's just a tortured writer!" That tone of sarcasm demanded a response.  Looking up, he silently mouthed the words to his younger sister. 'Fuck off.' The shock on her face amused him. "Mum!" The floor bounced as her elephant feet left the caravan.  He stared vacantly at the feint-lined page of his foolscap book.  Vanilla, luxurious, expensive, his cheap thoughts would sully it.  ... Continue reading >>
I was a high school sophomore of sixteen when I met the guy who would take my virginity.  I knew he would be older because I wanted an experienced lover to teach me the ropes and no ordinary high school boy would be the one to fill that role.  I knew sixteen was problematic, but I looked every bit of eighteen and was confident that I could navigate the issue.   Tall and dark-haired with ... Continue reading >>
You can call me Matt, and this is my story It was January and I was getting close to twenty three years old; I was incredibly frustrated and had been down on my luck dating wise for the longest time. It had been almost three years since I had a serious relationship, or really even just fooled around with anyone beyond some clothed dry humping. In fact, I hadn't had an orgasm from someone ... Continue reading >>
That was an absolutely fantastic weekend, I thought as I drove back to the city on Sunday after spending the last weekend in June with my folks at their cottage. While both days had been hot and sunny with temperatures in the mid to high thirties, it was what I'd experienced on Saturday that made the weekend most memorable. I don't normally visit my parents this early in the summer but ... Continue reading >>
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