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By the time I turned eighteen, I knew what my future was. In my last two years at school, I was always dreaming of what the hot guys' cocks looked like. I had no issue getting girls, I had plenty of experience fucking them. I was always jealous of the girls who were easy, with their slutty outfits. I wanted to be tone of them and have the boys chasing me, wanting me to suck their dicks.  It ... Continue reading >>
This is Sue's story of her loss of virginity. Twins are involved. This a story can be read in conjunction with a" Bisexual" story titled - Jan And Sue's Affair Begins At The Beach. I was seventeen and was studying in a boarding school and did not have much experience with guys beyond a bit of touching and kissing. I had a few experiences with girls who had encouraged me to join them in ... Continue reading >>
I had placed an ad in the Vegas Craigslist personals for a male to share my wife. After the elimination process of most of the 200+ responses and interviewing the last few I decided on one guy. His name was Greg, a data engineer for a large corporation and recently divorced. We shared information about each other, and he sent several pics of himself including one picture of his cock. He ... Continue reading >>
Valerie dropped me back off at the theatre and gave me one last kiss before she drove off. What had started out as a trip to the movie theatre for a double feature of horror movies turned into something better; I had just lost my cherry to my buddies sister.  I had missed the first feature and the second one was halfway over so there was no point in going in and I didn't want to get home ... Continue reading >>
She giggled to herself as she opened the gift wrapped package waiting for her at this hard-to-find scenic overlook and found its contents.  She was freezing, her toes numb after the short walk from the parking lot along the unshoveled path.  She thought it would be warmer here near the Mediterranean. There was a map, marked with a small red X, a blindfold, and a note.   'I needed to be ... Continue reading >>
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