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I woke up in a crummy mood. My dream about Willow walking down the aisle didn't help. Why I would dream about my cousin was beyond my comprehension. Maybe it had something to do with her always being on my case about me fucking the widow Cece. Being called another man's name just as I unloaded in Cece's pussy didn't help either. What Cece does is Cece's business. Just don't call me ... Continue reading >>
I watched Melina Salonika study her naked reflection, inspecting her so-called imperfections. Tall and statuesque, to my mind she was perfect. With brunette curls tumbling over her shoulders, soft golden brown skin, and a figure to die for, Melina exuded sex. And when she looked at you with those almond coloured eyes, she was irresistible. She raised her hands above her head and twisted ... Continue reading >>
Cynthia woke up before most of the people in the storm shelter.  She had slept quite well and considering how much she hated sleeping anywhere other than a bed; it was a small miracle that she had slept at all.   The worst of the storm seemed to have passed, the wind had died down and a steady rain was all that remained of the retreating storm. Cynthia was pleased that she could hear ... Continue reading >>
As he led me into the living room, his wife stood. She was short and solidly built, with Indian features, copperish skin, and long black hair piled on her head with tendrils falling around her face. She smiled broadly and held out her hand to me. I took her hand and raised it to my lips; when I looked up she was smiling ironically as she held onto my hand, looking me up and down quickly ... Continue reading >>
Emily came home exhausted from college.  She has discovered that communicating all day in a formal classroom setting in a foreign language is exhausting.  She closed the door shut and yelled, "Hello, anyone home?" Silence. "Well, I guess I can take a nice long, hot shower and relax." Emily went up to her bedroom and quickly undressed.  She went into the open shower and turned on the ... Continue reading >>
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