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Nathan thought he'd find conflict in his heart as he watched his nearly naked daughter beckoning him to follow her. Her allure had continued to grow ever since their night in the motel and quite frankly she was right. They both wanted and needed it. Nobody would ever find out and it would probably only be a one time thing, so really, who were they hurting? His heart hammered in his chest as ... Continue reading >>
The van had arrived at their new house a few days ago, and the friends and family Nathan had asked for help had set everything up for their arrival. He was a good dad, but also an appreciated friend. He was well liked and kept in touch with many of the people he'd met while at college, and during his time in various workplaces. He was a giver, so everyone who had helped with the move wanted ... Continue reading >>
Upon waking up Nathan forced himself away from Nicole's naked body. He quickly realised that at some point last night when they were both asleep, his cock had sprung free of his boxers, and been resting perilously close to his daughter's sex. What if he had accidentally raped her in his sleep? Panic set in as her moved the covers just enough to look at Nicole's shaven lips. There was no sign ... Continue reading >>
"Sweety, we can't." Nathan remarked from the floor of their motel room. He'd checked his phone for the time, and discovered that his daughter was still awake too. "We can. Why can't we?" Nicole sighed as she rolled over onto her side, and looked down at her father. He was adamant about sleeping on the floor, but neither of them had been able to get any sleep so far. "Because fathers ... Continue reading >>
The drive to their new home was well over thirteen hours, and as the clock began rolling towards 1AM, Nathan felt sleep trying to claim his body. They were barely halfway through their cross-country adventure, and so he decided he need to stop. Nicole was fast asleep in the passenger seat beside him, and her hand had slipped away from his moments after she'd drifted off. Nathan had put ... Continue reading >>
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