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Incest porn movies, featuring brother and sisters, mothers and sons, stepmothers, stepsons, stepsisters, stepbrothers, stepdaughters and other family members, getting it on.

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As Jamie and Tyler followed their naked moms into the house, they took another opportunity to ogle their distinctly different but equally perfect derrieres as they swayed in front of them. They both did their own comparing and contrasting, noticing how Charlotte's ass was full and succulent, with cheeks that bounced as her rounded hips moved to and fro, while Julie's behind was tighter ... Continue reading >>
Tommy After the chat, we watched The Martian. It did cross my mind what the law would be on Mars. I had read the book before the film was made, after picking it up cheap in a supermarket. It had a fascinating journey. Publishers not wanting it at first, so the author self-published and ended up working with specialists in NASA to get the details right for the film. The book is amazing, ... Continue reading >>
I rode with my best friend, Sarah Goodlow to Sarah's house after the varsity basketball game, for my big eighteenth birthday party, it's my cumming of age bash. Sarah turned onto her lane. She lived out in the country and her driveway is a little over a mile long. I noted all the cars on it. "Holy shit," I gasped, "are all these people at your house?" Sarah smiled at me and said, "Anna, ... Continue reading >>
The sound of the telephone's shrill ringer jolted me out of my peaceful slumber.  I rolled away from Glen and picked up the handset. "Hello," I said in a groggy voice. "Good morning, Megan.  Are you okay?" Mom said. "Mmmm, yeah, I'm fine.  What's up? What time is it?" "It's nine o'clock.  We missed you at breakfast," Mom said. "We stayed up late last night." "It sounds like it.  Are ... Continue reading >>
It was August of 1998 and I was at my twentieth high school reunion. I had been dancing with my wife, Kelly, and her group of friends when Lori tapped me on the shoulder. I hadn't seen her since high school and we started dancing. Lori was my second pussy. In between the time we had decided to go on a date and the day of the date, I met Kelly and that changed my life forever. But all ... Continue reading >>
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