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Movies Where People Are Paid For Sex.

Movies where people are paid for sex.

Read money stories written by our members:

It had been a while since I had been back to the Factory. Even though I had not been in some time, I didn't want to seem like some perverted strip club addict or something. I think that ship has sailed already. My thoughts were filled with undressing women. Lillian. Keisha. And. "Hey, Shawn!" I jerked out of my trance for one second. It was Daisy in her car. "Need a ride?" Daisy said. I ... Continue reading >>
About a week later, I started thinking about her again. Why was I thinking about her? Daisy. I mean, Charlie was actually a stripper at a strip club I went to. And I actually had an inkling she was one. "You know where I am, Daddy. Ask for Charlie." The way she said that turned me on so much. I wanted more of her. Knowing the consequences, I still wanted it. So, when I told my boys. ... Continue reading >>
Let me tell y'all a story about a woman I used to know. I walked through the Factory on a cold night in January. When I walked through, all my olfactories felt a tingle. I looked around at the people for a symbol. This was no Willy Wonka chocolate. Past athletes from my childhood, married men committing infidelity, singles... This was a whole different kind of thing for your sweet tooth. ... Continue reading >>
Cassie lay stark naked on the bed. Wet, horny...and slightly embarrassed. The sex therapist--the hot doctor, Ciaran Kennedy--had demonstrated how to get her in this state. She could hardly believe she had let him do all these things to her body in front of his excited audience. But now, it was their turn: Joe, the plump guy who thought he wasn't satisfying his wife, Ben, the cute-ish guy ... Continue reading >>
My name's Candy, I'm, sixteen years old and I've just divorced my parents to prevent either one of them getting their hands on any more of my money. Let me explain, from the age of eight, I'd won a whole series of beauty competitions and therefore a whole lot of money, things were fine at the start, but when I reached my teenage years, I began to ask questions about where all the prize ... Continue reading >>
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