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Movies Where People Are Paid For Sex.

Movies where people are paid for sex.

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We kissed at the door for a while and just rubbed our naked bodies against one another. When it was clear that Pat was ready for something more, I slowly turned him toward the bed. We were like two octopi¬†with our hands roaming all over each other's bodies. When Pat's legs hit the bed, we both did a slow-motion fall and slid up on the bed. Once we were settled, I slid up a little and ... Continue reading >>
Things had gone from bad to worse. To say I had dug myself into a deep hole would be an understatement. Marge had turned my day to day life to a hell on earth. If I was not doing her work for her, I was doing her personal chores, anything from picking up her lunch to walking her dogs. She wasn't the only one that was hard to deal with. Kendall had kept accurate to her words; there wasn't ... Continue reading >>
Dennis walked into the small lingerie boutique in an upscale shopping center to buy his girlfriend some new sexy lingerie for her birthday. He was tired of seeing her wearing those plain colored, no-frills panties and bras. She had the misconception that she did not have the body to pull off sexy underwear but he was going to show her differently. To him, nothing was sexier than a curvy ... Continue reading >>
Is it really flashing if nobody sees? That was the question. Her husband had seen, of course, on drives in the country; Greg aiming his camera at her as she bared the body he was so familiar with, and that she was so familiar with showing him. They'd look at the pictures later, of her posing against a tree trunk with her skirt pulled up, or leaning back against the car with erect ... Continue reading >>
The bell signalling that the first class of the day was going to begin in ten minutes rang and students began to head for the front door of the school. Michael and Todd waited in the parking lot to catch their friend Lisa before she joined the sea of students flowing into the school. As Michael calmly scanned the paths leading to the school, Todd fidgeted nervously. "You okay, man? You ... Continue reading >>
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