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Sex In The Office.

Sex in the Office.

Read office sex stories written by our members:

Finally.  The ping of an arriving elevator. Crowded, but not as crowded as the last elevator, the one she'd passed on.  It was just past five o'clock in the evening, and the rush to leave was on.  Twenty-three hundred people, give or take, trying to exit a twenty-two storey, secured building, all via eight elevators, all at once.   Fuck it. She'd already passed on the one elevator.  She ... Continue reading >>
I managed to get through college debt-free by working at various clubs, strip clubs if you must know. Being a shapely, good breasts for my size, book smart and outgoing, I developed quite a loyal following of sorts. Some of them are still friends these years later.  One evening, I was working a party in Holby Hills, and I met a woman, who would change my life in ways I couldn't imagine. ... Continue reading >>
It was on a Monday late in September of 1983 when Kelly got the word that a customer would be in the office on Thursday. A customer coming to their office was not a common occurrence and only happened perhaps a couple of times each year. They always made everyone aware of it because there was a different dress code for those days. The most important part was that the ladies were expected to ... Continue reading >>
That Monday Kelly was tied to her desk most of the day (I guess, considering this workplace, I should explain that she wasn't literally tied to the desk!). Later in the afternoon she got up and was moving around on various errands. She unbuttoned a couple of buttons of her blouse leaving only three holding the shirt closed. She lingered at several desks. They all noticed her new nipple ... Continue reading >>
I'd like to tell you about some things that happen while working this job. One of my duties when I come to work (and I only work sixteen hours a week by the way) is I give my boss blow jobs or have sex with him. Now I don't go in his office to have a quickie blow job or sex. I enjoy my job and take my time arousing him. He has told me on several occasions that I take too long blowing him, and ... Continue reading >>
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