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Sex In The Office.

Sex in the Office.

Read office sex stories written by our members:

I had a new contract to fulfill and I had to deal with a tough client, Mr. Jacobs. He was a real hard ass when it came to business. Every time I came up with a new arrangement, he shot it down. But, I am not a quitter. I continued to pursue our negotiations.  On Friday morning, I went into my office, preparing for another tough round of negotiations with Mr. Jacobs. By the time that he ... Continue reading >>
After the interview, I had no idea what to expect from my new job. Would every day be filled with sexual innuendo, fingering, and blowjobs? Not so much. It turns out that even an administrative/sexual assistant still has new-hire paperwork. There were orientation sessions to attend, forms to fill out, and computer accounts to configure. My desk was just outside Cheryl's office. It still ... Continue reading >>
Mike unlocked the door of his small investing firm and held it open for his wife, Eva.  As they entered, he turned the lights on and checked the temperature in the front office. His wife went into her office and he flipped the light on in his office and put his briefcase down and hung his jacket on the coat rack.  Sitting at his desk he turned his computer on and looked at his calendar.  The ... Continue reading >>
Do you ever have one of those days at work?  The sky is gloomy and cloudy.  The threat of rain is imminent and it is hot and humid.  Your mind just isn't into the working mode.  On top of the fact that you have just eaten way too much for lunch and the 'food coma' factor is now settling in.  No matter how many times you stare into the bright white fluorescent lights you still cannot fight ... Continue reading >>
It was the spring of 1987. Kelly and I had visited some friends and, on a whim, took a backroads route home. It was dinner time on a Saturday. We spotted a bar in the middle of nowhere with a full parking lot and decided to pull in. We had great service and a great meal. It was more than halfway through our meal when I noticed him. He was working the dining room from table to table ... Continue reading >>
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