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Sex In The Office.

Sex in the Office.

Read office sex stories written by our members:

Robert Isle was looking at life differently.  He and his wife were married for thirty years.  As they were both aging, his wife was getting further and further away from wanting to have intercourse. At first, it was just annoying and later it was depressing.  His wife always enjoyed sex, but after the menopause didn't really seem interested.  It wasn't that he didn't love her, but he had ... Continue reading >>
It was Friday evening around 6:00 PM. I left work early and was now home from the nail salon. I was getting ready for our annual office Christmas party. It was in a hotel ballroom. The same as previous years, it was just for employees and some vendors, no spouses or guests. There would be around fifty-sixty people, and the mix would be approximately two-thirds guys and one-third women. We have ... Continue reading >>
Brooke was excited to start her first official day that Monday. Ken, her husband, had already left for work earlier and Brooke hurried to get ready for her new job. Mr. Barstow had given Brooke permission to use the company charge account at a few clothing stores to get herself some appropriate office wear for her job and she would have a little taken out of her first paychecks until ... Continue reading >>
Our office is professional but casual. We have about twenty people that work at desk cubicles on the main floor. The staff is mostly men, but there are some women as well. I am the office manager. My desk is more substantial and open, facing the team. Having my back to nothing and no one, just windows here on the second floor allows me to "play" online with a degree of privacy when the ... Continue reading >>
It was almost a week later when Brooke got a call from Mr. Barstow. He intentionally called during the day when Brooke's husband, Ken, was at work because Brooke had said she didn't want him to know anything about her work yet.  She didn't want him to know because first off, she didn't have the job yet and didn't want to jinx things, and secondly, she didn't want him asking too many ... Continue reading >>
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