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Oral Sex Movies.

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He was making shakshuka and Otis Redding was playing. Outside it was raining theatrically, performatively, un-Londonly in defiant refusal of the city's politesse. Its grammar of mannerly evisceration and well-behaved alienation, intelligible to those raised to guarantee its proliferation, nebulously comprehensible to the rest. Only insofar as its sting is felt first through its delivery ... Continue reading >>
Yes, it happened the other day again. People, posts, chat online as well as people I come across in real life will often trigger erotic thoughts in my head. Those thoughts most often evoke memories of my many past encounters. My pussy gets wet, and I get that uncontrollable urge to suck cock.  As a little background, Nick, my husband of thirty years completely owns my pussy. My pussy has ... Continue reading >>
Luke "A twelve-week placement starting twentieth June, finishing on ninth September. You have to register at the halls, at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Espoo, Finland over the weekend before. "Espoo, Finland?" Tina asked. "Finland? You got it? Fucking nice one, man!" "Sweetie?" "Yeah, thanks, I suppose, Rob. Just feels like some fucker is laughing at me. "Tina, this ... Continue reading >>
My girlfriend Pam and I were having a very late afternoon bite to eat and a glass of wine while sitting at the bar of a restaurant in a mall. Many might remember my reference for Pam from "House Sitting Adventure." She is a very attractive five-foot-four, thirty-four-year-old brunette with olive skin, a well-toned, athletic body, and 34C boobs. I am a fifty-five-year-old happily married Mom ... Continue reading >>
Mike and Randi agree on her submission to him.   We arrived at a very nice Italian restaurant and Randi is assisted from the car by the valet and tries very hard to not give him a show.  She looks at me worried, that I might be mad, but I just smile and take her arm to enter.  As we walked in, I whisper in her ear, "Nice job, but I do think he was hoping to see more of you," and chuckled.  ... Continue reading >>
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