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My dear sister,   You won't believe what happened today. This week I have workers over at the building site of our new house in the mountains. We came over from Belgium to stay in our home city especially to supervise the work. But John had something else to do today so he dropped me off at the construction site and returned back to the city. You know that, although it's close to the ... Continue reading >>
He was leaned back in the low-backed armchair, one hand wrapped around his drink and the other fisted in Miss's long hair.  His dress shirt was partially unbuttoned, revealing a hint of his muscular chest.  She was on her knees before him and had his slacks open and his boxers pulled down just enough, bobbing her mouth up and down on his shaft as he guided her with his firm grip.  She took ... Continue reading >>
Justin pulled up outside the club, looking at all the people standing around outside. There were all shapes and sizes of women, dressed in all ranges of sexiness. As he parked he spotted a young blonde girl looking around as if she were waiting for a ride. In your dreams , he muttered to himself. She was standing with another woman a few years older than she, and Justin noticed they were ... Continue reading >>
I wake to the smell of fresh coffee and the faint sounds of movement. I take a moment to orientate myself. I am in Rose's bed. Her fragrance surrounds me on the pillow. I stretch. I yawn. I begin thinking about last night, remembering how she teased the fuck out of me while she was locked in the car. The door opens and Rose walks into the bedroom. In the half-light of the blinds, I can ... Continue reading >>
Mike's night was falling apart. "But honey, this is supposed to be a romantic evening with," he struggled to phrase it with finesse, "an intimate ending. How are we supposed to do that if you end up falling asleep before I get back home? Can't we just call her a cab?" His wife, Cindy, sighed in response. "Sweetie, someone needs to bring Megan home, and I've had too much wine, so it's ... Continue reading >>
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