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Oral Sex Movies.

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I had met Lisa online via a social media platform in Feb of 2012. If I'm not mistaken, it was a political chat room or blog. We were both surprised to discover only to be a twenty-minute drive from one another. Lisa was about 5'9", curvy with a nice set of hips and huge tits! A well educated lower level executive with a large global corporation. At fifty-two52 years old she looked pretty ... Continue reading >>
The house was huge. Powerful floodlights lit the garishly decorated building, as it dominated the hill overlooking Los Angeles. Somewhat ostentatious to my mind, it proved yet again that wealth and good taste aren't always mutual bedfellows. That said, I wasn't here for aesthetics; I was here for the money.  I'm a professional poker player, Anthony Daniels is my name, Tony for short, and I ... Continue reading >>
This was going to be good, he just knew it, there was no doubt about it. They had been playing for months now but tonight he was here at her house and he knew he was finally going to have her. He knocked on the door but there was no answer, how could that be, they had talked, she knew that he was coming. Then he saw the light on in the garage, was she there? He figured he'd give it a try so ... Continue reading >>
She sashayed in the room with intent. The young woman named Desiree felt eyes when she walked in. The boys said, "Daaaaamn!" As she walked into science class. Let's not pretend. She knew what she had. She knew her butt was big. She knew she had curves. However, what she didn't know as class went on was a young man noticing her for more than her curves. Honestly, it turned him on. But ... Continue reading >>
?Mierda! I thought. "Thank you," I said. I didn't have an extra $150 to get my clothes dryer fixed, so I paid the serviceman and walked him to the door. At least my washer still worked. I had Thursday morning off so after I showered, I pulled my hair back, put on shorts and a baggy sweatshirt, and did the laundry that had been building up. I popped each load in a trash bag and then drove ... Continue reading >>
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