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Read outdoor sex stories written by our members:

Clint cruised slowly down the gravel road, leaving only a thin, short-lived trail of dust behind his RV.  Born and raised in just such an area, he knew to avoid kicking up a dust storm if he wanted to remain friendly with the locals.  He absolutely wanted to remain friendly with the locals. Doing exactly that was why he had access to most of the properties in the area, giving him the ... Continue reading >>
"Please, Billy, make me a woman," she had said. Becky-Sue wanted Billy to take her cherry and introduce her to sex. Billy himself had had sex a few times with other girls and was a little more experienced than she was, but he himself had never taken a virgin. This would be a new experience for them both. Billy's hesitation was short-lived however as his own desires began to take over. ... Continue reading >>
My boyfriend and I have never been the common couple, and by that, I mean it in two different ways. One of them is that we have an open relationship and we tell each other everything without hesitation. The other is that we are into a lot of kinks and have tried almost everything. This story happens on a hot summer day when I was supposed to meet a virtual friend face to face. That friend ... Continue reading >>
I was on vacation in California for the first time, staying in a small motel right of the beach. Well, I guess I should come clean about it. I'm in the Army and my vacation is actually just medical leave as I recover from injuries sustained overseas but anyhow I had been kicking around for the first few days visiting the sights and all the other natural tourist stuff. That was getting ... Continue reading >>
Billy McIntyre pulled up to the house and turned the truck off. He walked up to the door and knocked. Mrs. Greene came to the door. "Oh, hi Billy, Becky-Sue will be ready in a few minutes. So you two are going on a picnic are you?"  "Yes-um. Becky-Sue has had this picnic idea planned for a couple weeks now. I finally got a day off from the lumber mill so we are gonna take advantage of it."  ... Continue reading >>
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