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I had become very interested in nudism recently. Not sure why. Could just be my age. Anyway, I decided to ask my wife Jean if she would be interested in visiting a nudist beach. Unfortunately, she just laughed at that suggestion. However, we had a couple of close friends, Graham and Yvonne, who have admitted that during Spanish villa holidays they have sunbathed nude, in private. So I ... Continue reading >>
On Saturday morning, Janet announced that she'd invited her sister, Rosemary, and Rosemary's boyfriend over for an alfresco lunch. We went to the market in the morning and bought fresh bread, cheese and cold meats, as well as a plentiful supply of local wine; very cheap and very good, as I'd already discovered. The local beer was mostly gassy and expensive, but the wine was better even than ... Continue reading >>
Sienna Mason admitted that sitting in a booth in a bar of this quality was beyond her more reserved habits. Adjoining one of the more up-market hotels in the area, it could be a very expensive place for a drink. But, on the way home from visiting a friend, the sudden rain had driven her into these luxurious surrounds for shelter. Any port in a storm, she would say. Damn the rotten ... Continue reading >>
It wasn't a typical morning.  I woke up late, hurried to get ready.  I filled my coffee cup before heading out the door to head to the office.  As I started my truck I noticed my gas gauge was on empty.  Not a big surprise the way my morning was going already. As I pulled into the gas station, my attention was drawn to a nice ass leaning over a car cleaning her windshield.  I enjoyed the ... Continue reading >>
Kara. Her dark long tresses called me to her, even when I knew she was not long to be part of my life. Kara. No matter my resolve to stop seeing her, one look from her and I was once again smitten and under her spell.  I had been looking forward to spending time with her but she called and cancelled due to a friend that wanted to go out and chat about a breakup. My roommate sensed ... Continue reading >>
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