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Paula had agreed to meet with Alistair and Gary again on a Saturday night. This time they were to take her dogging to a local spot known for late night fun in East Lothian: Longniddry car parks along the shore front. Gary had been trying to persuade his girlfriend to try it and she had agreed. He had told her that his work mate Alistair was seeing a 'complete tart' who was game for a bit ... Continue reading >>
"I'm so glad you were able to get out tonight," my best friend, Leslie, yelled over the roar of the music. "I feel like we haven't seen each other in ages." "Yeah, you're right. Not since James and I passed out after your super bowl party." I yelled back. "I need a smoke, come with me?" I followed her out to the deck, grateful that the crowd and the music hadn't reached out here despite ... Continue reading >>
Secrets:   Getting birth control had been a stressful few weeks. I didn't want my parents to know I was getting it. Otherwise, that would be a dead give away that I'm having sex. I spent a lot of time researching different kinds of birth control, and I still had no idea which one I should get.   Then there was the whole choosing a doctor thing too. In the end, I decided that I should see ... Continue reading >>
While Tiff got ready for our evening, I decided to stay by the pool and relax.  I  sipped on my whiskey and leaned back in the lounge chair watching the party unfold from the cabana.  The joy and freedom of Vegas.  Where the thoughts of What happens in Vegas - Stays in Vegas always rang true here at the pool.  Once the alcoholic beverages begin flowing and the music thumps harder and ... Continue reading >>
I exchanged emails for many months with a female friend I will refer to as Pammie (this was not her real name but she liked me to call her that).  We were both married, not to each other, but this didn't stop us from making mad passionate love together, at least in our imaginations through cybersex. We regularly exchanged long emails where we tried to describe what would happen if we were ... Continue reading >>
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