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Quickie Sex Movies.

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Things hadn't gone to plan. I expected there would be some delays, maybe a hiccup here and there, but  I was wrong, dead wrong. Nothing had gone right from the start. The building needed more work than we expected. The first day that we tried to turn on a tap, three pipes burst through the walls resulting in flooding on both floors.  It took another three weeks to get some of the girls back ... Continue reading >>
Perhaps this is where I should begin, with public moments-intense, intimate and sometimes discreet. It matters not who is present or how many surround us. This is the story of us and why I am his... My husband does what I call "flexing". He laughs when I use this term. In general, it is that look of restraint he gets right before he is about to pulverize someone either mentally or ... Continue reading >>
It was a few years back when my wife and I were at our favorite bar shooting pool, when this guy asked if he could challenge the winner. I told him that it would be better if we just played a three-way game and he agreed. We played quite a few games as we all drank and got to know each other. It wasn't long before I could just sense his testosterone and I began wanting him to fuck my wife. ... Continue reading >>
There was nothing better than swinging on the deck, journalling my thoughts of the day and enjoying the warm spring sun. I took a minute to appreciate how beautiful all of the flowers we had planted and how cute they had bloomed. Faintly, I heard the familiar footsteps in the house. I look over to see Caleb standing in the doorway looking at me. I never grew tired seeing the smile he has ... Continue reading >>
Andrew yanked back on wavy blonde tresses with his left hand and drove his hips forward. His breath was jagged as he thrust his cock deep, pounding relentlessly. He could feel the intense clenching around his rock-hard manhood, while ass cheeks hit the front of his hips squarely as he pumped. He let out a deep groan and jackhammered with more ferocity. A squeal and several hard gasps echoed ... Continue reading >>
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