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Quickie Sex Movies.

Read quickie sex stories written by our members:

A long day at Uni has ended with me checking myself out in my mirror, getting ready for a drive with Jacob - my best friend of five years.  Red booty shorts and a black vest top. My go to outfit for relaxing. Shows my arse and legs off. Broad hips. Narrow waist and small tits. Not much, but a handful. Things had been getting a bit heated between us. Side eye glances, steamy playlists and ... Continue reading >>
It was March of 2005. Kelly and I were forty-five years old. Kelly and I had decided to go see The Blue Man Group in Chicago. The weather was surprisingly nice on that Saturday. We stayed in a beautiful suite at a hotel near the theater. And, loving Giordano's pizza, had ordered delivery from them to eat for dinner before the show. Their stuffed pizza takes forever to bake and delivery must ... Continue reading >>
After we had unloaded farmer Paul's lumber, he invited us in for lunch.  Clara made cream of chicken noodle soup and ham sandwiches. It was a terrific meal. Paul and Clara are in their forties I would guess. They seemed to get on well together.  When we were done, I helped Clara clear the dishes. In the kitchen, out of sight of the dining room, Clara grabbed my crotch. She gave my cock ... Continue reading >>
Annie Bradford, a highly respected College Dean from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was visiting some colleagues at Emory University in Atlanta, in hope of enticing one of them to accept a position at her university. Annie was a very young forty and divorced with no children. Her husband had left her for a younger woman four years before and, heartbroken, she'd thrown herself into her work. We ... Continue reading >>
This is a story about a girl I liked back in the day who didn't realize the power of her curves. This is the story of Devin's Room. When I first saw Devin, looking at her from a distance, there was something about her. It was sophomore year in high school. I could not explain it. I was mystified. She had long, black, Pocahontas-like hair. She had pretty light brown skin, and a slender ... Continue reading >>
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