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Quickie Sex Movies.

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It was getting close to 3 o'clock at the physio clinic. Naomi had been at work since 7, and she was almost done. She was also horny. "I'm hungry 4 cock," she texted to Julian. She had been fucking him for a little over a month. They met at the clinic when Julian came in for work on his hamstring. At twenty-eight he was eight years younger than Naomi, but that only encouraged her further. ... Continue reading >>
He played with her so much that she was dizzy with want for him. His strong fingers brought her right to the edge - and then he teasingly stopped before kissing her. She was light-headed and faint, the hunger between her legs ravenous, her ripe pussy swollen from the spanking delivered with his hands and hard cock.  "Not yet, sweet baby," he moaned against her nipple. Inside her, his ... Continue reading >>
On one gloomy, rainy Saturday in October, Star decided to take a three-hour drive back home to relax for the weekend. During her time back home she paid a visit to her 101-year-old grandmother, whose mind was still sharp enough to ask her when she was going to get that special man. At 22-years-old and emotionally unavailable, Star just smiled and said: "Grandma, when I meet a man who is ... Continue reading >>
Jaq had gone shopping for the afternoon at a local shopping mall. Her aim was to buy a new outfit for a dinner dance the following weekend. Jaq went into a well known high street chain, she picked a couple of outfits and went to the changing area. She was just getting undressed in her cubicle when she heard some noises from the cubicle next door. She peered inside and discovered an ... Continue reading >>
As I stood in line waiting to board the plane, a blonde caught my attention through the bobbing heads of passengers waiting in line before me.  I leaned to the left and right trying to get a better look but with no luck. As the line inched along and I got closer to boarding the plane, I got a better look at her.  She was about five foot, seven inches with a killer body.  I was hoping she ... Continue reading >>
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