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Quickie Sex Movies.

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After I met Sharmell Brown, I figured there had to be more to her than that. So, I asked her. "Was the T.A. one of your firsts? I'm sorry, I'm getting really curious here," I said to her. "Oh, God, no." I looked at her in mild amusement in her response. After all, she did seduce him. "It was an old boyfriend from my sophomore year in high school. He was older than me. I was sixteen He ... Continue reading >>
Our enchanting tale starts in a cool and drizzly October night. It was homecoming week in my senior year. I had a special part in that particular homecoming weekend. There I was. It was a Friday night. In Texas, it was a holiday. We had new life. Our team had a new coach. That year, we were "the little team that could." They went from nothing to something. Eventually, halftime came. At ... Continue reading >>
My name is Jimmy, and I had just turned sixteen years old at the time the events in this story occurred. I live with my parents, Dale and Betty, and younger sister, Melanie, in the town of Huntington, West Virginia, which is on the western side of the state, right next to Kentucky. My father is an auto mechanic, and my mother works in her hair salon in our modest home, in a ... Continue reading >>
I was working as a hotel maid during the summer to get some money together for uni. It was menial stuff, but it did pay quite well. On Tuesdays, I was a waitress in the café in the mornings, before going around cleaning rooms after breakfast when people started going out for the day. The hotel was posh, and I had to dress up in a proper French maid's uniform. One Tuesday, I went up to a ... Continue reading >>
The bell rang. I began to put away my papers and notes, stopping now and then to acknowledge a goodbye or answer a quick question.  "Hi, Ms. Jay!" I heard someone in the hall kids say as Tina walked into the room. She was a popular teacher at our high school. Tina was in her mid-twenties and as cute as a button. She was wearing what I call "a woman's suit." It was a navy jacket, white top ... Continue reading >>
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