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Quite by accident, I discovered that young girls at the local mall were horny and needed money and would do about anything to get it. I'm a professional photographer and was shooting pictures around the mall one afternoon when I happened to take some photos in the food court of two young girls who appeared to be in their early twenties. One was a brunette and the other a gorgeous blonde. ... Continue reading >>
"It's just not fair."  From the tone of her friend's voice, Claire Davis knew Jan was only half-joking. "What's not fair?" They were in Claire's cramped, one-person dorm room, preparing tuna fish au gratin on rye toast for supper.  "It's not fair that you actually met a good-looking single guy under ninety on that geriatric unit disguised as an ophthalmology ward." Jan was in the midst ... Continue reading >>
This happened way back when I was just eighteen and in my first year of college. I was at the mall to buy my girlfriend a birthday present. As I passed Penney's, I could smell the wonderful aroma of all the perfumes. The perfume department was strategically located at the entrance just to draw in people like me. So having been hooked, I decided to consider a nice perfume for my girl. As ... Continue reading >>
I had been at this party since 9pm, and it was now bordering on 2am. I knew Gabe would be pissed when I got home. Oh well, I thought, I'm having way too much fun. "Hey, Max!" someone calls out. I turn around to see Tiffany wildly motioning for me to come over. I stumble over to Tiffany and see that she's standing next to a handsome man holding a red solo cup in one hand and Tiffany's ... Continue reading >>
For almost ten years I was the Manager of New Technology Investments for a hi-tech capital investments firm in California. My job was to find promising new technologies and provide start-up funding. I had an annual budget of five million dollars to invest in hi-tech research proposals, so once a year I would send out RFPs (Request for Proposals) and wait for them to come pouring in. I ... Continue reading >>
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