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Movies in which someone is being seduced.

Read seduction stories written by our members:

'Twas the night before Christmas. Now this is the way to spend Christmas Eve! The halls - or at least the room - have been decked for Christmas, with a blue spruce spreading its heady scent through the living room. All the light comes from the colored Christmas lights that festoon the tree, and those woven into the garland that hangs in swags on all four walls. You both have a glass ... Continue reading >>
Nina sat idly flicking through a few magazines while she was waiting for her appointment with the dentist. For the last three years, she and her mates had hit Southern California beaches, where they swam, surfed, danced and drank themselves silly for about three weeks solid. This year Nina wanted something different, a much more relaxing and hopefully a more romantic setting place to visit. ... Continue reading >>
"Didn't mommy say you're not to go into her make den? The rest of the house is your playground. The den is where mommy does her work. Okay? Okay. I love you, bun-buns. Now get your keister into bed. Can you pass Debbie the phone?" Jess held her cellphone aside, offering a sheepish grin and apologetic shake of her head to Maggie seated across from her in their cosy cocktail booth. Her ... Continue reading >>
Rod laid down on the patio lounge to rest a moment. His 49-year-old body was already tired and it was still only early afternoon. The day was excessively hot and he was wearing just a pair of tattered faded red shorts that must have been fifteen years old, but faithfully comfortable. As the sweat slowly beaded upon his forehead he could feel his eyes close sleepily. Maybe for just a moment, ... Continue reading >>
Mandy was my first real girlfriend. We had been together since our mid-teens and now we were having problems. Or to be more precise, I was having a problem with her reluctance to go all the way. We would spend hours leaning against a wall at the back of her parents' house with my finger inside her until it wrinkled. I loved the smell of her pussy juice and there were times when I wouldn't ... Continue reading >>
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