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Movies in which someone is being seduced.

Read seduction stories written by our members:

I was married for 18 years to my high school sweetheart before divorcing in 2012. We never tried to have children since both of us were building our careers. After our divorce, I decided to retire at the age of thirty-seven since I received a substantial divorce settlement. My plans were to just enjoy single life and do some traveling.  Since that time I have traveled to several ... Continue reading >>
As Christian helped Alexi up, he motioned for Colton to pass the fluffy light blue towel hanging on the hook outside of the shower.  Colton threw the towel to Christian, who then quickly wrapped it around Alexi's shoulders.  Alexi's panting had finally started to slow down and she looked from Christian to Colton, unsure of what to do or what to say.  She wanted to ask them a ... Continue reading >>
The next day, Alexi arrived at the office with a coffee in hand.  Having her own coffee was a good way to reject anyone's offer to grab a coffee so she always brought her own.  Before she could settle in, a knock was made against her office door.   "Please come in," Alexi said loudly. The door opened and entered Christian and Colton, well-groomed and smart looking.  The two stepped inside ... Continue reading >>
Alexi rifled through her tote to check that she had brought her business cards and the portfolio containing the details of the merger between Redcon Inc and Ritter Global.  Satisfied that she hadn't forgotten anything, she grabbed a mint from the container she kept in her car's cupholder and popped it into her mouth while checking to see that her dress shirt was buttoned up all the way to ... Continue reading >>
"The Bar," was really just that, a bar in a no-frills neighborhood joint populated by a young, knowledgeable in-group making the late-night scene. Historically, it was a converted blacksmith shop, located in New York's Financial District. The actual bar was small, patrons clustered around tables that held clam fritters and other appetizers. The drinks were expensive and more than covered ... Continue reading >>
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