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Movies in which someone is being seduced.

Read seduction stories written by our members:

When I took a new job at the local Chevy dealership, I didn't realize that I'd be working alongside a hot blonde female mechanic! The first time I saw Juliette and was introduced to her, she had grease all over her neck and arms. She wiped her hands on a shop rag and shook my hand. "Hi Bill. I'm Juliette. I'm told that you're to be my mentor." "Yes. That's right, although you seem to ... Continue reading >>
Playing on the beaches of Northwest Florida had its benefits. Not only was I doing something I loved, but I was well paid and the benefits! Well, the benefits were many and varied. Let me tell about one of my best seductions. Right after Memorial Day, the hotel started the summer season. A small group of ladies from Jackson, Mississippi came for a week's summer vacation with the kids. No ... Continue reading >>
Kelly sat on the train taking her to the airport. She was on her way home from a conference. She had her computer tablet on but was actually daydreaming. Had she achieved what she needed? Was this the impetus that she needed for her career? She thought so. The conference was medium sized, pan-European but not truly international. Three hundred delegates all here to discuss things the man in ... Continue reading >>
Paul was exhausted. Four years he'd battled pulling eighty-plus-hour weeks to try and turn around a client project that he'd volunteered to parachute in on after it had derailed off a cliff edge. What was worse was that despite everything, it had been a fantastic success. Yet he had let his guard down and had forgotten his golden rule, a rule he usually lived by; he'd become invested and ... Continue reading >>
"You really think we should be doing this?" Mallory wrung her hands visibly as she spoke the words. "Trust me, this guy's okay," Vanessa said to the younger girl. "And if he does try anything, I'll mace out his eyeballs." Vanessa wouldn't have granted a ride to a long-haired drifter on a regular day, least of all with someone else in her charge, but she trusted her instincts and ... Continue reading >>
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