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Movies in which someone is being seduced.

Read seduction stories written by our members:

We spent the morning playing with Jacqui's toys. Among my favourites were the double dildos because we could enjoy them together and see the effect we were having on each other. The expression on her face as she came, again and again. The smile on her face as I came, again and again. Finally, arm in arm, we climbed into that wonderful bath, feeling the little jets of water playing on ... Continue reading >>
It was a beautiful, warm, dry evening in Santa Fe.  I found myself wondering once again whether there could possibly be anything wrong with the place.  Of course, I'd only been there for a week, but the city had certainly made a good impression on me. I live in Dallas and work for a rather successful consulting firm.  My specialty is, for want of a better term, "automated ... Continue reading >>
It seemed like I had known her for years, not just months and I was determined to finally get her into my bed tonight. The timing was perfect as my roommate had gone home for the weekend, so I had the suite to myself. I was standing behind this red-headed beauty with my arms wrapped around her. My hands covering hers, guiding them as we bent over the pool table. "Now just pull back on the ... Continue reading >>
My sister's houseboat on Lake Mead was a ninety-minute drive, through Vegas traffic from my job on the strip. Finally getting away for a well-earned vacation, the marina was far out where the sky blazed with stars, the spiral arms of the Milky Way spun overhead. The lake air was always a bit cooler and driving a quiet road with the top down in my tired old convertible was still a thrill.  I ... Continue reading >>
A most dangerous game: Frank It's a poor excuse, but I was 'On the rebound'. Well, maybe not. Rebounding suggests bouncing back --   after my divorce it wasn't a bounce, it was more like a splat.  Three years earlier I abandoned my own grad studies to work so we'd have a reasonable standard of living while my new husband finished at Harvard Law. He graduated, passed the bar exam and started ... Continue reading >>
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