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I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I heard someone knock on the door. I had a mouthful of toothpaste so I tried my best to answer. I can't imagine what the hell I sounded like, but it must have been enough to let someone know I wasn't going to have a problem being disturbed. The door opened and my stepdaughter's friend Sarah opened the door. "I have no idea what you said with ... Continue reading >>
A long overdue sequel to my stories "Mistaken Identity" (Ch. 1) and "The Coupling" (Ch. 2).    I couldn't believe the turn in events.  Here I was in the kitchen, half-naked, juices from our coupling dribbling down my thighs, and it wasn't my dream man John, but my step-brother Matthew that was behind me all naked.  It certainly was the best sex that I had ever had, but I really wanted ... Continue reading >>
I know this may sound like I'm a sex-mad woman but, over the last five years, my husband has lost interest in having sex with me and I feel trapped in our marriage. When we met in the first year at college, John was studying to be a plumber and I was considering being an admin consultant. We were both seventeen and, honestly, it was love at first sight, at least for me. We started dating ... Continue reading >>
Two years ago my life was turned upside down, but all for the better. I was forty-seven, divorced ten years and had no real prospects for another serious relationship. I was quite down. Successful in business and stable financially, I couldn't seem to find a lady that just clicked with me. Then I met Suzanne. And her daughters. In her forties, she had been divorced over fifteen years. ... Continue reading >>
I haven't had much time for my dad since he and my mam got divorced. Given I was part of the reason for the split, I naturally took my mom's side. Of course, we didn't want him finding out about us and that's another reason why my mam divorced him. I know he took it all pretty harshly, but I suppose that was because he didn't really understand why mam wanted it. I must admit that part of ... Continue reading >>
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