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It had been a long day and Em was ready for it to be over. She had just pulled another twelve-hour shift at the firehouse. As she walked into the grocery store, she became even more aware of how tired she was. She kept her head down and made her way to the prepared foods.   She just had to get some dinner and get out of there. As she was contemplating the burrito versus the chicken pot ... Continue reading >>
Jamie had a happy early childhood despite the unusual circumstances surrounding his/her gender. As the title of this story implies, Jamie was a boy who was born with a vagina. After a difficult pregnancy, Jamie's mother happily welcomed her new-born baby girl into the world. Jamie's mother, however, conclusively made up her mind that this would be her only child. After months of ... Continue reading >>
Eric watched with unblinking eyes as the tiny panties revealed a small but erect cock hidden underneath, and that was another first for him. The stunning woman before him had just pulled her panties down and revealed a cock and he was not repulsed. Tonya's head was bowed in shame with this act. To her, it was like showing off a birth defect.  Eric responded by placing his fist under her ... Continue reading >>
We find Eric St Clare naked and under the sheets of king size hotel bed, oblivious to the rain and thunder outside. His arms are wrapped around a stunning dark haired beauty clad only in nylons and garter belt. They are sharing gentle kisses on each other's necks and lips as Eric allows his hands to run across her naked breasts as well as her nylon covered legs. A soft moan escapes ... Continue reading >>
Chapter 0  - A Midnite Delite In the world of Azhwarpanan, it is believed that the Deminari, a race of magical beings with a demon-like appearance, gracious red skin, and dorned with regal horns and dashing tails, were responsible for the development of magic in this world. The Deminari coexisted peacefully with other species and granted many of them magic through sexual rituals. But ... Continue reading >>
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