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My personal sexual revolution had started a few months earlier when I decided to pop my cherry by visiting an escort. I'm not traditionally social, so it made sense at the time. I had had sex with three escorts so far, with the last one being a bit of a disaster. Due to my humiliating experience with the caramel Nicky, I had sort of gone into sexual hiding. Of course, I still had my daily ... Continue reading >>
Ever since my first sexual experience, I've known that I wanted to be a white cock only slut, and that's what I am. That might seem like a strange thing for someone to say without explanation, so let me explain. First of all, I'm black. But maybe that isn't surprising. What may surprise you is that I was born male. The truth is, I wasn't even aware of my true sexual desires until I was ... Continue reading >>
Disclosure Take Off My flight to Ann Arbor was booked as Alex, so I travelled dressed as a boy. My briefs ill-fitted my round behind and my jeans slid from my slim waist. I flattened my boobs with an ace bandage and wore a bulky Wolverines sweatshirt. I barely resembled the photo on my real California driver's license, my transition had taken a turn toward androgyny and beyond. Could ... Continue reading >>
"There they go," I muttered to no one in particular, "baggy fucking t-shirts, formless trackies and bloody horrible dirty trainers. It's disgusting." I could almost cry. The school run and its procession of drab figures slouch pass my ground floor window twice a day, each time it's like a stab to the heart. The little ones are running and laughing, playing tag, shouting to unseen friends ... Continue reading >>
I glanced at my reflection in the mirror as I left the flat. I was wearing khaki shorts, a red t-shirt and a grey hoody. I tidied my short, brown hair and slung my camera bag over my shoulder. It was a bright, clear day, so I grabbed my sunglasses and headed out into the sunshine. I was single again, but instead of moping around, I had decided to get out, try new things and generally try ... Continue reading >>
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