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Looking up at the sky, I'm thankful that at least it stopped raining. Not sure I really like these static displays but it gives me a chance to fly into a town and land in parking lots. These little displays are set up to give people a chance to look at the equipment, climb around on the aircraft and ask us questions. I happen to be a helicopter pilot stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. I fly ... Continue reading >>
My mind was still dizzy from everything that had happened in the last 24 hours as Mel and I sat silently and held hands while I drove toward her house. I was still trying to figure out how I was going to explain to Ken that I now had a bald pussy. Also, I hoped he didn't ask where my red nightie was that he so meanly sneaked into my travel bag. Losing that thing to grabby hands, one of which ... Continue reading >>
It didn't take Ryan long to decide he wanted Vicky. Well, about half a second from first setting eyes on her. He had to have her. * * * * I'm Ryan, an officer in the poIice. At one time I'd been in what are generically termed "Special Operations", but there is only so long that you can do that without your face becoming too well known in the areas in which you are trying to operate, or ... Continue reading >>
Captain Shay straightened his helmet¬†as he pushed the door open, heaving a deep sigh. He hated interviews. He walked up to the silver figure waiting for him at the end of the room. Feeling slightly stupid, he cleared his throat loudly, sure that his loud footsteps should have announced his arrival, already. The interviewer was tiny, her back turned to him, her mane of silver hair reflecting ... Continue reading >>
Rome, December 1944. An army truck carrying Iota platoon weaved its way through the back streets of the ancient city. Inside, fifteen men huddled against the cold. Sargeant O'Malley drove in a seemingly random direction, but lost he was not. Seated in the back the men shivered, for these were the dregs of the army, the soldiers who just didn't fit;¬†they had been called up and sent to a war ... Continue reading >>
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