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Not going to lie, when she first approached me about the concept of an open marriage I was intrigued, I was excited, I thought to myself: hell, I get to hook up with whoever I want and not have to feel guilty about it! Granted, I knew I'd have to be comfortable with the idea of knowing that my wife could be potentially fucking another man every time she leaves the house, but that was a risk ... Continue reading >>
There was plenty for me to think about after the weekend of the rugby tournament.  Maggie had, once again, had sex with Simon. Then again, I had sex twice with Kat without a condom, something which I would never have dreamed could happen just a few weeks ago.  I hadn't told Maggie about this yet, although I had promised Kat that I would. Maggie and I had, at last, spoken more openly about ... Continue reading >>
Perhaps you might have seen me out at a clubs on a Friday or Saturday night. I am that tall, slender women with long dark hair crowning my face and gracing my shoulders. I am usually dressed to kill in provocative dresses and stiletto heels, revealing most of my long shapely legs and much of my bare shoulders and creamy white cleavage. You might have caught a glimpse of my sexy ass perched ... Continue reading >>
Cath awoke to the red rays of a Fijian sunrise filtering through the windows.  She was spooned into James's, his arms wrapped around her. She rolled over, pushed him onto his back, bent down and took him into her mouth. As he started to harden and come awake, she crawled up and kissed him, and asked him to make love to her. "Take your time." She murmured. "This will be the last time." He ... Continue reading >>
I'm sitting staring at my reflection in the dressing table mirror.Who was I kidding? Forty-three years old, with two children and going on a date for Christ's sake. I must be mad. The black bra held my 36DD breasts perfectly in place, gravity hadn't yet completed its work, but age and the years of nursing my children meant that they certainly didn't sit as proudly as they once did. Don't get ... Continue reading >>
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