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The final bell rang as teacher Marcus Jackson was putting tests into his briefcase to grade over the weekend. It was Friday, so all of his students fled out of the classroom like it was on fire. He got a few goodbyes and some well-wishes for the weekend from some of his more studious students, however, most simply ran off like some girl had lost her top outside. After the last of his ... Continue reading >>
"I'm too impatienttt to dineee at nineee!" Badum bum bum "I must be wined and sixty-nined!"  I belted flatly at the top of my lungs as my dog Nala winced and laid her ears flat at the sound of my amazing   singing voice.  "Oh shut up! What do you know about the fine vocal arts?" It was Saturday night and I had a dinner date with... wow. This man has bent me over in a parking ... Continue reading >>
Becca had deliberately chosen one of her more conservative business suits that morning. The navy blue skirt and blazer toned down her red hair so that fewer men stole glances at her as she made her morning commute on the train. On most mornings she didn't mind the attention, but after the previous night's encounter with John, she felt strangely dirty. That wasn't a feeling to which ... Continue reading >>
It was a Saturday, three weeks after my boyfriend and I had broken up. The break was really a mutual thing. We both knew that it was inevitable, so we lanced the boil. Since that day I had brooded over him, us, loss-enough was enough, I decided to go out with the explicit intent of hooking-up. If it did not cure the blues, it would certainly erase it from my mind for hours, if not days ... Continue reading >>
Brea Brea was roaming around the house by herself. Her husband was gone on a business trip or, if truth be known, he was probably out screwing some young thing somewhere exotic around the globe. Brea had only been married to him for a few years before she found out he wasn't interested in being faithful. She was fifty-eight-years-old, but you would never know it. She worked out regularly ... Continue reading >>
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