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Kieren thought it self-sacrificing that Iona alone brought in the water for his bath. At first he wondered if she was moved by some form of guilt. But when Iona learned that the young girl that usually filled the tub told stories of him being naked, she did not want the young girl in his room ever again. He found it amusing. "Enough," Kieren demanded. Iona wiped her brow and placed the pail ... Continue reading >>
When we last saw them Dean and Morgan had gotten their wives, Linda and Nancy, make their interracial fantasy into reality. Of course that also meant both women, even they didn't know it at first, were put in the position of risking getting knocked up. This on an impulse where the husbands had the black guys stop using condoms; something both wives didn't expect. Both women were not amused ... Continue reading >>
Looking back now, as a mature, married, African-American man, living in Dothan (SE Alabama), I consider myself more fortunate than most. My name is Marcus, and I was born and raised here, and came of age in the 1980s, when the population was around fifty thousand. It wasn't easy for black boys to get onto the path of success back then, but I was fortunate to have loving parents who ... Continue reading >>
Bianca Tortellini walked along the empty beach with the sun behind her. It was already warm even though it wasn't even seven in the morning. She held her heels in her left hand and a half-smoked cigarette in her other. She could still feel the buzz from all the booze she had had the previous night. Her white dress hugged her tall body showing off her curvy figure. She wasn't one of ... Continue reading >>
Sometimes things happen for a reason, that's what they say. I tend not to believe that shit happens is more my philosophy. I work at a packing and shipping firm in one of the busiest cities, so I usually do not have the time to socialize.  My days are usually spent in front of a computer printing shipping forms or receiving invoices. My only savior is football season, its the one time of ... Continue reading >>
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