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Absolutely Stunning Teen Masturbates

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Absolutely Stunning Teen Masturbates
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Sherry rested her head on my shoulder as we lay panting on the cabin floor. I loved the feeling of her warm body on top of me, her tits crushed against my chest. My jeans were open, my soft cock lying limply. After a few minutes, she lifted her head, looked into my eyes and gave me a coy, devilish smile. "Guess what?" she asked, biting her lower lip. "What?" I asked, sensing what she was ... Continue reading >>
It's not like I live in a tight-knit neighborhood. There are no community outings, barbecues, yard sales, etc. The neighbors are all friendly to each other though. We wave as we drive by and verbally greet each other and engage in brief, banal chit-chat if we see one another in the yard, walking, etc. So, the new people that moved in across the street, a woman about my age (early sixties) and ... Continue reading >>
I was talking to my neighbor Dave in my front yard yesterday afternoon. I was thinking about getting a sprinkler system for my front lawn and was asking his opinion. "Dave!" we heard Sue yell from the front door. "I need you for a minute." We both looked over to see his wife Sue with her head poking out of the front door.  "It will just take a second, and then you can finish ... Continue reading >>
I was coming up on my second year working for the company that led me to move out East, and before I knew it, we were getting ready for what would be my second holidays/Christmas party with them. Office parties usually suck-at least the few I had been to. They're always just you, your co-workers, and their significant others sitting around, drinking cheap booze, eating prime rib, and trying ... Continue reading >>
A soft, girlish giggle echoed through the house. He paced slowly towards the sound, making sure to keep his movements nearly silent. This time he would be more careful. The last time he'd found her, he'd underestimated the situation. Here he was, thinking that they were playing hide and seek. And so, upon finding her, he'd made a big gesture of it, hoping to startle her. She made the ... Continue reading >>
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