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I sat in the recording studio, thinking what song I would use as inspiration. Then it struck me. The beat played in my head dozens of times. It was the theme of the video game "Pocky and Rocky." I started writing with a smile on my face: "His name is Rocky, he's cocky. He swears there never will be a copy. Which is true, you know what I mean. Have some damn humility! He saw her in the ... Continue reading >>
I stayed over at my mate's house after a night out on the Saturday for his birthday.  Everyone else had gone home.  Just his girlfriend and myself stayed.  After too much to drink, I fell fast asleep in the spare room, then woke up at about 6.30am in the morning to the faint sounds of moaning and gasping.  Listening carefully I realised I wasn't dreaming and that it was coming from my ... Continue reading >>
The Apartment Building Twelve years ago my uncle left me an obscene amount of money. After giving half of it away I decided to buy an apartment building for different people. I found a dilapidated seven-story building and a contractor willing to do what I wanted with it. All I needed to do was get rid of the existing tenants. I offered them all reasonable money and told them the ... Continue reading >>
"Yo, Chad! Who are we doing for our next episode, bro?" "Okay, so, we're doing Jessie next, then the lesbian scene afterwards. Come on, dude, you know the script! We went through it about 500 times!" I said. "Okay, relax, when is she getting here anyway?" The door opened. I saw her. I couldn't believe it. It was like a part of my past had came back to me. "Sierra?" "Chad?"   My name ... Continue reading >>
It was a beautiful sunny morning and I was at home revising for my exams.  This was my last set of exams before I finished college and went to university.  I decided to go and sit outside in the garden as it was so warm. It was lovely and quiet and the garden was not overlooked by any neighbours, so I had no distractions.  After about ten minutes, I heard Jackie and David in the garden ... Continue reading >>
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