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Amateur couple have sex in front of camera

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Thank you for the amazing comments!!! Be forewarned... one contains a serious spoiler ! :) The following story is a work of fiction. Everyone is over 18, completely consenting... and probably having a hell of a time.     ... Continue reading >>
I guess I was a workaholic. Or maybe I just wanted to keep my job; times were tough back then. Either way, I worked late a lot and went in on weekends. I was working seventy or eighty hours a week sometimes and sixty hours a week all the time. She never said anything. She never complained. She just stopped being as interested. In the beginning, right after we got married, we'd make love ... Continue reading >>
The summer after college graduation, I got a rather mindless job, staffing a stockroom at the University biology labs.  For a couple of months, it was such a nice change of pace: working 8:30 to 4:30 each day handing out supplies, delivering the mail, applying postage to the outgoing packages, etc.  At the end of my shift, I would cycle back to the 100 year old house in which I was sharing ... Continue reading >>
This was a true story which happened in San Juan during the 60's era when I was in my twenties.  I frequented tourists places, where I lived, becoming a free guide. I have lived in Costa Rica, New York City, San Juan, Daytona Beach, and many other great places. While others frequented the local bars, I went to hotel bars where tourists stayed. Girls, usually traveling in groups ... Continue reading >>
I know I'm a very lucky man. Years ago, when I met my wife-to-be I could see almost immediately she was the woman for me. Besides being very attractive, smart, funny and caring, I was able to fully trust her judgement (except the decision to take me on in a relationship). Neither of us have ever been jealous of each other. There is no need when you know where the other is going home at ... Continue reading >>
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