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Read crossdressing stories written by our members:

I had a fantasy for dressing up since puberty hit me. I wanted to crossdress even before I knew what it meant. I always dreamt of wearing sexy feminine clothes. I could never try any female clothes at that time though, but the curiosity in me never died. When I started dating my wife, I once gathered the courage and told her my fantasy. I am sure she did not expect that and was rather ... Continue reading >>
As a petite, pretty, and now fairly confident young transvestite, I feel fortunate to have discovered so many things about myself. I am proud to have a slim, smooth and well-exercised shape. I have longish streaked blonde hair and my goal is to always develop and improve my feminine elegance. My friends tell me I possess a very strong believability in my appearance as a young woman. I think ... Continue reading >>
When I arrived home I noticed a note on my computer. It read, "Take off your clothes and put them in the washer. Go to the bathroom and shower, then go to the bedroom and put on the clothes laid out for you. Make sure My toys are prepared and in the right places, then you may join Me in the living room bringing your hood with you and taking your place at My feet (on your knees, hands behind ... Continue reading >>
It had been several months since I moved away from the big city. It was hard moving to a city with not a lot of people I could hang out with or be with. I had become really good at dressing up and having anal sex, but was becoming more and more restless of not having a regular, daily thing with someone.  I began fantasizing about being with the pool man. He was always friendly when he came ... Continue reading >>
Johnny was gentle and had slightly feminine mannerisms for a guy. He had had quite a few escapades with women, a couple of failed marriages and a dozen or so relationships but all had fizzled out. He had never thought about the fact that maybe he was gay or bisexual and although he was not homophobic he thought the idea was not for him.  He found women attractive and loved them wearing ... Continue reading >>
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