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austrian amateur takes cum in mouth after anal

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One evening, Mark walked into the pub for a drink. Looking around, his eyes stopped on a lovely woman in red, sitting alone at the bar. He felt his heart jump at the sight of her. She wore a silky red dress and her red hair caressed her shoulders in long waves. With her dress hugging her body in all the right places, she was a breathtaking vision in red. He decided to sit across from her at ... Continue reading >>
The driving rain pelted the ground as I emerged from the London Underground and made my way through the crowds of damp commuters towards the office. It was two weeks before Christmas and the shopfronts twinkled with sparkling festoon lighting and colourful gift displays. Despite the terrible weather and the lousy, underpaid job I was headed to, there was nowhere else I'd rather be at that ... Continue reading >>
Before leaving the ranch I cleaned up my messy truck. This meant clearing the littered passenger seat and floor of several paper coffee cups, candy wrappers, a crumpled potato chip bag, doughnut crumbs and the classified section of the newspaper with the circled ad I answered-also, a few old cassette tapes which I put back in the glove compartment. l parked next to the barn and hosed the ... Continue reading >>
For me, Dan Raymond, the past forty-eight hours had been almost unbelievable. Two days ago, Desmond Greeley, diamond merchant and entrepreneur, had phoned to say he'd enjoyed my last book and had invited me to a party at his luxury mansion. Everything since then seemed to be leading to this gorgeous blonde lady, now squirming and screeching wildly underneath me, as I drove my pounding ... Continue reading >>
When we entered the house, Carla's grandfather just finished his ham and cheese sandwich and washed it down with a bottle of beer. Her grandmother, a tiny, thin woman with gray hair tied in a bun, sat next to him at the round oak table with a cup of tea and half a sandwich on her plate. I noticed she didn't eat the crust. Our ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread were waiting for us on ... Continue reading >>
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