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black on blonde facial

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black on blonde facial
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If you had asked me a year ago to describe my perfect man - my Mister Right - I would have told you, I have no idea! I just knew I was dating Mister All Wrong. It was bad enough that my boyfriend had only a six-inch cock, and that he wouldn't let me suck even that! It was bad enough that he fucked me only once a week, and then reluctantly, and I had to beg for it. All of that was bad ... Continue reading >>
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Last year in late summer I booked a flight to Miami. My husband was already there. He works in international finance and real estate business with an US-American partner. The two have a joint office in downtown Miami. My husband booked me into a hotel in Miami Beach on Collins Avenue. The proximity to the beach and the better environment make the difference. It was the night flight ... Continue reading >>
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