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Caught them

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Caught them
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Cindy stowed the note carefully in her purse and off we went. Both of us were smiling and talking about how we needed to come back to this place again and soon. It had been a few hours on the highway and we came into a small town. Not wanting a restaurant meal, we stopped at the market and picked up some cheese, bread, sliced meats and fresh fruit. Stowing it in the cooler, we soon found ... Continue reading >>
"Do you remember Hannah?" Mark asked. He and his wife Caitlin were visiting us for the weekend. The four of us were out for the evening down by the harbour, eating out at Valantino's, our favourite Italian restaurant. Jess always looked forward to their visits, had fussed all week so that everything would be perfect for our dearest friends from the scene. "How could I forget a woman ... Continue reading >>
My body is so ravaged and tired from the primal, visceral sex that I had with Laurence that I end up sleeping over ten hours ensconced in the warmth and protection of his embrace. I love how he can be so deliciously dominant with me and still be tenderly affectionate with me afterward. When I flutter my sleepy eyes open and realize that he is solemnly gazing at me, I feel my nipples ... Continue reading >>
I stayed over at my mate's house after a night out on the Saturday for his birthday.  Everyone else had gone home.  Just his girlfriend and myself stayed.  After too much to drink, I fell fast asleep in the spare room, then woke up at about 6.30am in the morning to the faint sounds of moaning and gasping.  Listening carefully I realised I wasn't dreaming and that it was coming from my ... Continue reading >>
Frankly the noise was a little too much for me. I'd only agreed to attend because it was Michael's son getting married and he'd asked me to be there. At my age, I'd long outgrown the naughty, rule-breaking fascination of bachelor parties. It was easy to look at the young men there, friends of the groom, see their unabashed antics and foolhardiness, and recall a younger version of myself acting ... Continue reading >>
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