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Chicago Illinois sex party

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I'll never forget that October morning watching the red and orange leaves falling to the ground. I stood by the window, thinking about getting older and closer to death. Am I like those leaves fluttering to the ground?  Still not sure what came over me, but the urge to burst out of the rut I was in rose in me like a geyser.  I wanted to do something wild, get away from my monotonous life, ... Continue reading >>
The soft pitter-patter of rain, accompanied by a steady, heavier plop-plop-plop outside, enshrouded the room in isolation. Outside, nature raged and stormed, as if to ward off its two children inside the sheltered space. The room, untroubled by intrusion, was cast in the orange light of the few candles, that had not yet consumed themselves.   Previously, there had been quite the number ... Continue reading >>
Everybody said it was my mother threw acid on my face because I was born freak ugly from the start. But it was never her. It was one of her junkie boyfriends she had back then. The one called himself Uncle Danny. I was already six and not a baby anymore. And it wasn't acid. It was cooking oil. The scars are from wet burns, not chemicals. Everybody just talks a lot of shit because everybody's ... Continue reading >>
It was morning now, around 7 a.m.  While Kate, Jacob and Megan slept, I'd gone back into the house, quietly grabbed a jacket and some boots, and headed off for a pre-dawn walk in the Mendocino Headlands. Three hours later, trudging along the cliffs in the early light, I was no closer to resolving my conflicts about Kate. I was feeling both incredibly fortunate, and ... Continue reading >>
History repeats itself, but no two stories go exactly the same way. Tones change, details change, endings change-no remix is note-perfect. Sometimes things change for the worse; first as tragedy, then as farce, as the saying goes. Other times things change for the better as if, like with so many other things in life, fate needs a few tries to get things right. And perhaps one thing sets ... Continue reading >>
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