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Chicago Illinois sex party

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The rain pounded against the Velux window above my head in relentless, hail-like bursts. The journey home from work earlier had been a blur; the dated underground carriage lurching from side to side as I stared through the window at the dark tunnel walls and thought over my options. It was only early evening now, but the sky above was already a murky grey colour and within half an hour it ... Continue reading >>
I met him online. His name was Drew. I couldn't see his face up close in his picture, but something about him caught my eye. He was tall and even from a distance, I could see he was in great shape in shorts and a fitted t-shirt. In his dating profile, he mentioned wanting a great kisser. That really grabbed my attention. I have always thought kissing was one of the most important elements ... Continue reading >>
Deborah was a teenager in the nineteen-sixties. In nineteen-sixty-two she was seventeen-years-old. The industrial town where she was raised was hard-core blue-collar. Women knew their place and the bulky men she grew up with were traditional male chauvinistic pigs. That was simply the way it was. On Friday and Saturday evenings, women congregated in the kitchen playing cards after they had ... Continue reading >>
Years later, once life had turned all too predictable, Phoebe would wonder how she'd not been more appreciative of the fun and freedom of the summer before she began her last year of college, when she was twenty-two. She'd hoped to work in conservation when she graduated, so her ideal summer would have been spent at a reserve in Africa, or in the deep rainforest. Instead, she was at a ... Continue reading >>
I'm in front of the large mirror when you enter the bathroom dressed in just your boxers, your hair ruffled from sleep. The air is heavy from my shower a few minutes ago, with a hint of fragrant steam still lingering. I'm stood in my bra and panties, letting a richly scented body oil sink into my skin before I dress for work. My matching underwear is pale pink, the soft, lace-trimmed ... Continue reading >>
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