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I know I'm a very lucky man. Years ago, when I met my wife-to-be I could see almost immediately she was the woman for me. Besides being very attractive, smart, funny and caring, I was able to fully trust her judgement (except the decision to take me on in a relationship). Neither of us have ever been jealous of each other. There is no need when you know where the other is going home at ... Continue reading >>
Lorenzo moaned as he struggled to open his eyelids. His tongue passed over something acrid and sticky as he licked his cracked lips. He heard a slight, hesitant whimper. He felt a warm snuffling against an ear. Suddenly an ache in the core of his body spread out and over each stiff limb. His jade green eyes slowly squinted open. Each pupil gleamed as the austere summer light of a ... Continue reading >>
Why is there no air conditioning in here? You would think a small trailer in Florida would at least have an A/C unit come standard with the rent, but for whatever reason, it doesn't. I suppose when you're a landlord renting units to students and other low-income tenants, amenities aren't exactly a concern of yours. Worse off, it was in the dead of summer when the humidity is at its worst ... Continue reading >>
Susan had the day off. It was going to be quite hot and she had decided to head to the beach to totally relax after a few stressful days. Susan looked at herself in the mirror as she packed her beach bag for the day. She was pleased with her physical looks. Her breasts were nice and firm, not large, just a nice size, she always said to herself. She had a slim body with nice, long legs and ... Continue reading >>
For Audrey, I hope you enjoy it   The Train ride Kate had a full day of travelling. Her car out of action meant that she had to visit clients by rail, and this meant an early start to visit some of her clients on the fringe of the city suburbs, a good hour and a half train journey. Kate was a representative for an educational program company and most of her clients were school ... Continue reading >>
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