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After leaving college, I got a job and moved into my own two-bedroom flat, not far from my parents. It is the case with me that I am nearly always horny and sometimes I work myself into a sexual frenzy which was what happened recently. I came home from work and was desperate to get down to some serious rubbing of my sopping wet cunt. No sooner had I walked through the door when my jeans ... Continue reading >>
She was divine. I honestly didn't know what it was about her. I quietly watched her amble through the half crowded dining room, nimbly balancing plates and checks while dodging running children and moving chairs. Each customer interaction was started and consummated with a genuine smile; I knew it was because it always reached her eyes. Every now and then that Aussie accent would be ... Continue reading >>
My brain was still in orgasm overload. This new development threatened to shut it down. Dan was here. Dan of the tight body, enticing tattoos and talented cock. Dan who'd fucked me every way it was possible to be fucked, who'd taken my anal virginity and who I'd dumped by text. That Dan. Oh fucking hell. Mal held on to me as Dan sauntered closer. I'm not sure if he was worried I would ... Continue reading >>
I pulled into the motel parking lot about 11:30. As I searched the crowded lot for a parking spot somewhere near my room, I caught a glimpse of a couple hurrying into their room only a few doors down from mine. The woman was pretty in a kind of "been married for awhile" kind of way. They looked road worn, as if they'd been traveling all day. The guy was attractive, raw, he was the reason ... Continue reading >>
Why is there no air conditioning in here? You would think a small trailer in Florida would at least have an A/C unit come standard with the rent, but for whatever reason, it doesn't. I suppose when you're a landlord renting units to students and other low-income tenants, amenities aren't exactly a concern of yours. Worse off, it was in the dead of summer when the humidity is at its worst ... Continue reading >>
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