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She was divine. I honestly didn't know what it was about her. I quietly watched her amble through the half crowded dining room, nimbly balancing plates and checks while dodging running children and moving chairs. Each customer interaction was started and consummated with a genuine smile; I knew it was because it always reached her eyes. Every now and then that Aussie accent would be ... Continue reading >>
My bedroom looks out onto another row of flats. A few nights ago as I was about to close the curtains at my window, I saw a light come on in the bedroom directly opposite, the room was illuminated brightly opposite and a tall male youth was moving about. I don't know why but I delayed drawing the curtains and watched for a few seconds when my heart skipped a beat at the sight of the ... Continue reading >>
As I stand on platform 3, the wind rushes past me, sending an icy chill through my body. Right on schedule, the 9:58pm train appears from around the bend and pulls into the station. A stream of late night commuters whoosh past me as they alight in a colourful swirl of fabric and the smell of perfume, smoke and alcohol assaults my senses as I step aboard. The driver I am replacing passes me ... Continue reading >>
I stood in the doorway, looking at Dexter sitting on the couch. I was nervous and very excited, having never seen a guy play with himself before. never having seen a guy cum before. Dexter appeared to be a bit nervous as well, though outwardly he looked more relaxed than me. "So, this is a no touch deal, right?" I asked, "You do all the work?" "Yep, that's the fantasy." He stood up ... Continue reading >>
You can get a lot done in ten years, and for us, we strived for mediocrity.  It was not as if we gave up on life, we were only thirty; we just liked to flirt with how familiarity bred contempt. Straddling me, the bed groaned, and the dismay of that familiarity dampened the sizzle of excitement.  In the gloom of the morning, her body cast a half-light silhouette.  "Put the light on?" ... Continue reading >>
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