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Dirty Teenage Stepsister Lures Brother Into Taboo Sex

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It was a good thing I'd moved up to managing the dealership.  I couldn't have dealt with the public that day. I had my suspicions for a while, but I'd finally put in the time and effort to find out for certain that my wife was cheating on me.  I'd filed for divorce on Friday, and moved my personal belongings into an apartment over the weekend.  I was not in a cheery mood that Monday morning. ... Continue reading >>
I met my wife, Laura in 1988, while attending college. She came from a small little town about an hour's drive away from the university. She was very cute, petite, nicely shaped and definitely a small town girl. She sat in front of me in one of our classes, and we started to chat about our class material and assignments. After one of our classes, I asked if she wanted to come to a party that ... Continue reading >>
Sara came to us last fall. Although she was a couple years younger than my daughter, they were best friends. A natural beauty, she had a smile that would disarm the toughest man. Long sandy blond hair framed big blue eyes and a cute upturned nose, and that pretty smile. I can't say I hadn't noticed her body. Although just sixteen years old, she was amazing. Naturally athletic, she was great ... Continue reading >>
The cost of living was unbelievably high in a major world-class city where a six-figure income, for the most part, was to be expected. The city was loaded with successful people and millionaires were not so uncommon. In the city, there was an invisible line between the rich and the poor which was rarely crossed. Most of the times, the rich looked down on the poor areas; going there, let ... Continue reading >>
My name is Jimmy, and since I recently turned forty-two years old, I've been thinking about my first sexual experience, that happened shortly after my sixteenth birthday. I'm happily married now, to my lovely wife, Sarah, and our daughter has just recently moved away to college. I consider myself to be a normal, heterosexual man now, but I still remember when Matt, a good family friend who ... Continue reading >>
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