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Dirty Teenage Stepsister Lures Brother Into Taboo Sex

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Two years ago my life was turned upside down, but all for the better. I was forty-seven, divorced ten years and had no real prospects for another serious relationship. I was quite down. Successful in business and stable financially, I couldn't seem to find a lady that just clicked with me. Then I met Suzanne. And her daughters. In her forties, she had been divorced over fifteen years. ... Continue reading >>
Being married to an Army guy isn't easy. He's often away and sometimes it can be for very long periods of time. That said, I don't want you to misunderstand: I really loved my husband. We met back in school when we were sixteen. Scott was captain of the rugby team and a total fitness nut. I was also into fitness and was the head cheerleader, a gymnast, and also loved yoga. We married ... Continue reading >>
I hadn't seen Jamie since we were kids. She lived in Texas and I lived in up-state New York, so the first time I laid eyes on her as a teenager my heart skipped a beat and my cock throbbed. - - - - - My mom's sister, Marianne, had married young and moved to Texas with her husband, so we got together for a visit only rarely.once when I was three and too young to remember and once again when ... Continue reading >>
Marnie and Morgan announced their arrival at my front door in the usual way with Morgan singing out, "Grampa, we're home." I smiled from my easy chair, turning to look at the identically dressed best buddies. Morgan attempted to disappear, leaving Marnie and me alone. "Hold on their, Kitten," I said. "Why don't you stick around. Stay with us. I know you're going to watch us anyway. You might ... Continue reading >>
I opened my eyes, stretched, and looked at my phone. I'd only dozed off in my compartment for half an hour or so, but even during that short time, the landscape had changed completely. I'd closed my eyes on endless rows of ramshackle, corrugated-iron-roofed, single-story shanties on the outskirts of Johannesburg, and opened them to equally wide vistas of flat uncultivated scrubland. There ... Continue reading >>
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