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There had always been this sexual chemistry between Stephen and me. He is a photographer who does some freelance stuff for the marketing company I work for. We met up at a hotel between his studio and my office. We grabbed a coffee at a secluded table in the foyer. I was wearing a brown shirt and white skirt, bare-legged with brown suede heels. My blonde hair bouncing on my shoulders. ... Continue reading >>
For me, Dan Raymond, the past forty-eight hours had been almost unbelievable. Two days ago, Desmond Greeley, diamond merchant and entrepreneur, had phoned to say he'd enjoyed my last book and had invited me to a party at his luxury mansion. Everything since then seemed to be leading to this gorgeous blonde lady, now squirming and screeching wildly underneath me, as I drove my pounding ... Continue reading >>
I was talking to my neighbor Dave in my front yard yesterday afternoon. I was thinking about getting a sprinkler system for my front lawn and was asking his opinion. "Dave!" we heard Sue yell from the front door. "I need you for a minute." We both looked over to see his wife Sue with her head poking out of the front door.  "It will just take a second, and then you can finish ... Continue reading >>
I was almost home by the time I realised that my phone was still charging in Liam's apartment. "Shit," I said, prompting his chauffeur to tap the brakes as we approached Clapham Common. "Everything okay?" He looked at me through the rear-view mirror and indicated to pull in. He had a thick grey moustache and reminded me of a Mario Brother.  "Sorry. I think I left my phone." I tapped ... Continue reading >>
From the train window, Mike Spar admired the rising hills and pine clad mountains of the Swedish countryside. He was on his way north to show three novice archaeologists how to start an initial exploration of a tribal village exposed by building work. At just thirty-five years old, being one of the most highly regarded archaeologists in the world could have its drawbacks. This was a ... Continue reading >>
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