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Finally Stepsis Can Taste Brothers Salty Cumload Once Again

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Kurt was just sixteen and had just graduated high school. His grades were fantastic and college was in his future. He had made a deal with his parents and they were now fulfillingĀ their end of it. They were flying him to Californa to spend two weeks with his relatives. Kurt was a not a typical teenager. In an age of long hair and tie-dyes Kurt different. He kept his hair short and dressed ... Continue reading >>
"How many?" the lady asked me. I looked at the dresses on hangers in my hands. They were almost dragging my arms down. There had to be at least twenty-five or thirty. Looking her in the eye, I replied, "A lot." It was then that she actually took notice of my dress cornucopia. "Oh," she said, "Well, go ahead." As she put her earbuds back in, I turned around to face my older brother, Jacob. ... Continue reading >>
I had the weekend to myself and an empty house to go home to, so I had spent the first part of my Friday night having a couple drinks with a few work friends. One by one, they dispersed, headed home to start their weekends. I was last out the door, in no great hurry to get home and wanting to let the drinks wear off before driving. As I left the restaurant and strolled into the parking lot, ... Continue reading >>
My step-daughter was getting more and more attractive and was beginning to look sexy just like her mom had. She had gorgeous long red hair just like her mom's, which she never cut, and stunning aquamarine blue eyes, and when she looked at me with them, I wanted to grab her and kiss her the way I had kissed her mother. And the way she tossed her hair around never failed to give me an ... Continue reading >>
As the BMW comes to a stop in our driveway, what I hear next makes me realize that things just went from bad to pure hell. A shrill voice fills the neighborhood. "Sister Sue, I've missed you so much." Under my breath I mumble, "Oh boy, they brought her." Mom waves for me to join her on the front porch to greet our guests. Rolling my eyes, I realize it's pointless to argue. First thing I ... Continue reading >>
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