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The rain pounded against the Velux window above my head in relentless, hail-like bursts. The journey home from work earlier had been a blur; the dated underground carriage lurching from side to side as I stared through the window at the dark tunnel walls and thought over my options. It was only early evening now, but the sky above was already a murky grey colour and within half an hour it ... Continue reading >>
I really didn't want to be here but my friends literally dragged me out of the house telling me I needed to have more fun.  'Fun,'  I thought, 'not possible...I'll end up nursing a drink in some corner, watching everyone else talking and laughing, and having a good time.' I had to admit that I looked good tonight, wearing a short black slip dress with spaghetti straps and a low ... Continue reading >>
Sarah and Don laid beside each other smiling, their faces flushed. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours until Don's watch beeped. As Don stood up and pulled on his shirt, Sarah lingered on the bed watching him. She loved how sexy Don looked, his cock peeking out from under his shirt. Resisting the urge to put her mouth on it and start something else, she stood up and handed him ... Continue reading >>
Years later, once life had turned all too predictable, Phoebe would wonder how she'd not been more appreciative of the fun and freedom of the summer before she began her last year of college, when she was twenty-two. She'd hoped to work in conservation when she graduated, so her ideal summer would have been spent at a reserve in Africa, or in the deep rainforest. Instead, she was at a ... Continue reading >>
I fully expected to wake in Grace's arms. When I opened my eyes, she was not beside me. I thought that was a sure sign I screwed up. Then I leaned forward. Grace stood naked by the window letting the morning sun strike her body. It shined around her curves giving a halo effect with a soft golden hue. She truly looked the angel I saw her to be. "Someone is going to see you standing ... Continue reading >>
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