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Hot blonde stepmom fucks stepson

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'How could this be, where did we go wrong?  She's too beautiful for this, too pristine, too young!' 'Shut up, pussy.  She is probably making a fortune, and she's hot to trot, just as horny as her mother and yourself were at her age, only capitalizing on it.' 'No.  I'm not letting my daughter become just another victim of the internet age.  This is a gateway, she will soon start stripping ... Continue reading >>
My name is Robin Perkins. I have to tell you a story that happened to me that completely changed my life. You see, I grew up in a normal middle-class family. My father was a banker, and my mom stayed home and took care of us kids and the house. We had the "ideal" life; a nice three bedroom/two bath home, two cars, we even had the white picket fence! You couldn't ask for a more average ... Continue reading >>
Two months later. Diana tapped on her coffee shop table with a measured calm, her eyes fixed on her towering ice cream float. She used her spoon to poke at the sticking white mess as it melted, ensuring none spilled over the side. With each motion of her wrist, the dangling silver child's bracelet she wore made an audible rattling sound. A mere hour before closing time, only a handful ... Continue reading >>
Katie opened her eyes as a cool breeze ruffled the curtains at her window and a ray of early morning sun played on her face. She had that moment of waking up in unfamiliar surroundings before she remembered where she was. She smiled and sighed as she recalled the time she had spent in the barn with her cousin Ken the previous evening. Just the thought of his hands fondling her breasts and ... Continue reading >>
Over the next week, Jean and her son Rory seemed to spend every spare minute either fucking, sucking, or fingering each other. Like a broken dam, every ounce of lust in them seemed to pour out and flood their entire lives. "Penny for them," Jean said as she looked at her naked son lying beside her on her bed. It had been another frantic bout of fucking, the second that day. "Penny for ... Continue reading >>
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