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Hot blonde stepmom fucks stepson

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On New Year's Eve, Mary begged her mother to let her stay at her friend Linda's house.  Linda's parents were going to a party and Linda invited Mary over for the night.  Mary convinced her mother to let her stay at Linda's house. Mary was so excited that her mother agreed.  Mary took a bath and shaved her legs and picked out a fun outfit for the night.  She packed her nightgown, panties ... Continue reading >>
"I want to suck on you," Abby says into Mat's mouth. His hand is down her shorts as they lay on the couch. He pauses the motion on his daughter's clit, warm fingertips playing in her wetness. He shakes his head. "Not tonight, baby." "Why?" "Because." "When, then?" she says softly. She knows he enjoyed what she did to him a few days ago. She also knows he has always been reluctant to let ... Continue reading >>
"What's life like as a Single Pringle?" asked my friend Laura over a cup of coffee. It was a miserable day in January. Outside the cafe's window, the snow was whirling and people walked doubled over against the wind. My cheeks were still burning from the cold and I was pretty sure Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer could have called me his sister. "I'm rattling around alone at the bottom of ... Continue reading >>
I was sitting on the couch flipping channels when mom emerged from the shower, her old comfy robe and a towel around her hair as she sat next to me and kissed me on the cheek. She said, "How about one of your famous leg massages sweetie." As she lay back putting her legs on my lap as I reached down and began rubbing her feet. I said, "Anything for my favorite girl" She smiled, laughed ... Continue reading >>
I felt my lips first, it was as if they were caked in mud or a scab or something. I tried to move them and felt them crack, there was no moisture in my mouth. I heard a slow drip nearby and tried to move to see what it was but I couldn't move, then I remembered. I remembered the big ugly guy bursting out of the bank's twin ddoors. I remembered shouting and in that millisecond of time ... Continue reading >>
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