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Sherry was quiet at lunch, but she told John how well I did on the tractor and how much we got done. Mary had made a delicious vegetable soup served with her crusty bread. Sherry told her parents she was going to visit someone named Jenny and probably wouldn't be home tonight. She glanced over at me after she said that, then got up and left the room. I looked at her as she walked away, ... Continue reading >>
Sherry was still wearing the tight black skirt. She hadn't taken it off when we fucked. I laughed when she put on the wig, still playing Mary Jane,  but didn't say anything. She walked over to her backpack, shuffled through it and pulled out a joint. "Ah got me some dynamite weed here," she said, "Howz about gettin' high with me?" "Why not," I answered, shaking my head, bewildered and amused. ... Continue reading >>
Jason Petrov stood at the stove and stirred his oatmeal. He repeated the line of poetry he had been working on since dawn, trying to get it right, when the telephone's shrill ringing shattered his concentration. Fuck! He slammed his spoon down on the counter. Why can't I be left alone? Before picking up the phone, he noticed the empty bird feeder outside his kitchen window, then took a deep ... Continue reading >>
Sarah awoke at six in the morning. She had fallen back asleep after her naughty dream and had managed a few more hours sleep. She got up and showered, ate breakfast, and chose her outfit. Today she selected a black pencil skirt and a somewhat see-through white blouse, underneath which she wore a white lace cami. One advantage of being twenty-one years old was that her breasts were firm, so ... Continue reading >>
After my long hot shower, I walked out to the bedroom wearing just a towel.  The girls were still sitting on the bed talking till they saw me.  Then it got real quiet.  Well, I decided to have a little fun with this.  The girls definitely had sex on the brain; who could blame them after the last night?  I did too, but I wasn't letting on.yet. "Are you two going to get dressed or just sit ... Continue reading >>
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