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It had been a long week. We were both busy, and had scarcely seen one another during the whole week. There is nothing unusual there. We are both professionals, whose profession is not just a job, but part of who we are. We are secure enough to realise this, although most people separate the 'job' from the 'person'. In our case, we know that what we each have come to love in the other is ... Continue reading >>
"You're a fuck head!" " You're a fuck head!" A tornado of aggressive profanities instantly sucked the attention of everyone in the area. All eyes and ears were instantly yanked in the direction of where the volley of vulgarities were suddenly being launched in the yard. "Fuck you in the fuck head!" "Fuck you , fuck head!" The verbal duelists were both three years old. Within ... Continue reading >>
Friday "Ow, fuck!" Maisie fell arse first into the brambles. This trip had been a last-minute training opportunity imposed onto her by her boss. Maisie wasn't sure how she was meant to lead a group of unruly teenagers on a ramble in the future when she couldn't even hack it herself now. "Here," Ethan held out a hand to pull her up. His green eyes twinkled with laughter but he didn't ... Continue reading >>
The first week of my final year at Norton HighSchool and I was determined that, with my new-found confidence, I would, at last, get to screw Jan Vickley, who I'd lusted after for months. She was the school certainty according to my school mates, who boasted at how they'd parted her thighs so easily. Jan was no raging beauty, but her face, with full lips and a sultry glint in her green ... Continue reading >>
"You ready, babe?" "Yes, just putting on something comfier," I yell from the bedroom. I walk into the room in a silk knee-length pale blue nightgown. You smile in approval. You love me in blue because you say it brings out my blue eyes. We have had a busy week and are looking forward to curling up on our couch together and watching the hot new Netflix series. Your bare chest is showing ... Continue reading >>
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