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LA, the city of angels. I had gone to meet up with an angel. It was not something I would have usually had done, but I had some holiday time and she had told me so many times to come that I decided, fuck it. I had been a member of Lush for many years and had met many fun and loving people, but there was a certain few that made an impression on me. Gina was one of them. Gina was an ... Continue reading >>
It had been a long week. We were both busy, and had scarcely seen one another during the whole week. There is nothing unusual there. We are both professionals, whose profession is not just a job, but part of who we are. We are secure enough to realise this, although most people separate the 'job' from the 'person'. In our case, we know that what we each have come to love in the other is ... Continue reading >>
Friday "Ow, fuck!" Maisie fell arse first into the brambles. This trip had been a last-minute training opportunity imposed onto her by her boss. Maisie wasn't sure how she was meant to lead a group of unruly teenagers on a ramble in the future when she couldn't even hack it herself now. "Here," Ethan held out a hand to pull her up. His green eyes twinkled with laughter but he didn't ... Continue reading >>
Lani looked up from the bar and scanned the customers. She looked for empty drinks and flagging hands while pouring a light beer from the tap for the busty blonde practically lying over her date at the end of the bar. If it were her, Lani would've held out for something more expensive. Like hell she'd throw herself on a man over a cheap pint. Not that the man was worth drooling ... Continue reading >>
Sophie stood on deck, leaning into the railing and letting the breeze sweep her long blonde hair back over her shoulders. The harbour was receding, the expanse of blue water between the boat she stood on and the coastline¬†growing larger. She'd always loved being out on the water, the feeling of being liberated from any worries on land, letting time and cares drift away. Chances to feed ... Continue reading >>
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